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Watch The Thrilling New Teaser For Titanfall 2

We all figured Titanfall 2 had to be coming and, today, Respawn Entertainment and EA confirmed our beliefs with a trailer announcing the impending arrival of a mech-piloting follow-up to the FPS series.

One of the first big exclusives of the current generation of game consoles, perhaps the biggest news to come out of today’s Titanfall 2 announcement is that the series is officially going multiplatform. With the original Titanfall only available on the Xbox One, Titanfall 2 will open up its unique brand of combat to a bigger audience than ever with the addition of the PlayStation 4 to its launch platforms. It will also launch on the PC.

The original Titanfall was something of a low-key hit. The game sold well enough, but it didn’t really hold everybody’s interest like game in the Call of Duty or Battlefield series tend to do. Many attribute that lack of staying power to the fact that the game did not have a traditional single player campaign, meaning that an already slimmed down audience due to console exclusivity may have been further hampered by some folks passing up what they considered to be an “incomplete” shooter.

With several years’ worth of development time, a bigger audience and plenty of lessons learned from the first game, however, here’s hoping that this second outing into the realm of Titanfall proves to be the hit many believe the series deserves to be.

Unfortunately, today’s teaser announcement is exactly that; a short video that does little more than confirm that Titanfall 2 is indeed scheduled for arrival. The announcement went live on the game’s official website, which is where you can drop off your usual contact information in order to automatically receive updates pertaining to the game.

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait much longer to get additional details on this new Titanfall, as the website also promises a worldwide reveal come June 12. For those of you keeping track, that falls directly in line with E3 2015, which is basically the perfect time to make any additional announcements. Since EA won’t be on the showroom floor, however, we have to wonder if either Microsoft or Sony will be giving up some booth space to let Titanfall 2 enjoy some attention. Then again, maybe the game won’t be ready for hands-on experiences just yet. We’ll just have to wait and see.

So tell us, readers: Are you excited by the prospect of returning to the Titanfall universe? What enhancements to you hope to see added into the game outside, say, a single player campaign? Any thoughts on Titanfall making the jump to additional platforms? Let us know in the comments section below.

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