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If you've looking to step into the future of gaming, or guide someone special in that direction this holiday season, then you might want to check out this latest promotion from Best Buy, which offers a PlayStation 4 Pro and a spiffy new TV for a bundled discount.

The PlayStation 4 Pro just launched last week and, starting this week, Best Buy has a deal that will save you quite a few bucks if you want to pick up a new TV, too. The thing about the PS4 Pro is that, if your TV isn't up to snuff, you're not going to be getting the full effect out of its 4K goodness. Sure, games like Paragon, Skyrim and Titanfall 2 will look a bit crisper even on older televisions, but you're not really taking advantage of the hardware if you aren't plugging the Pro into a 4K television.

Best Buy understands that dilemma, as well as the fact that it means quite a few people who pick up a Pro will also want to pick up a new TV. To that end, they've announced a bundle deal that nets you a Sony 55" Class LED 4K Ultray HD smart TV with HDR and a PlayStation 4 Pro for $1,000. Since the TV usually goes for about $900 on its own and the PS4 Pro will set you back another $400, that means you'll be saving a solid $300 if you pick up the two together. With the holidays coming up, that's a discount worth taking note of.

At present, there are several dozen PS4 games that are being patched to include 4K support, including titles like Uncharted 4 and Mafia III. Still, more games will have 4K support when they finally launch, such as The Last Guardian and Horizon: Zero Dawn. In other words, this doesn't sound like one of those technology upgrades that will go underutilized. If you get a PS4 pro and one of those newfangled televisions, you'll be noticing the difference when playing big upcoming games and older favorites alike.

To get your hands on those $300 in savings, just head on over to the proper page on the Best Buy website and follow the instructions. In short, it will have you select the appropriate TV and then the PS4 Pro and, at checkout, give you your discount. The TV actually has great reviews, too, so it doesn't look like the discount it pairing the Pro with whatever television they just had too many of lying around. However, it does appear that this is an online deal only, as it states specifically that the TV must be delivered and that the console will ship separately.

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