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Conan O'Brien managed to get some time in with some VR tech at the YouTube studios. He used the HTC Vive to create and draw objects as well as play some games. It's the one time where Conan actually seemed to enjoy himself in a game and seemed to have his mind blown by just how interactive the world of VR is.

The video was opsted up on the Team Coco YouTube channel. Conan starts off by drawing some objects in space and then proceeds to Job Simulator where he throws stuff around and generally makes a mess of the office space before teasing a virtual floating computer who works as a waiter at a fast food joint.

The VR shenanigans don't end there, though. Conan proceeds to get some play time with a boxing game I'm not entirely familiar with. It's one of the games they don't show very often for VR, but the green screen setup allowing us to see what Conan was doing made it all the more interesting.

The audience was able to see what Conan was doing in the VR space, where he knocked a couple of guys out, made a cheese sandwich and tried to brighten up the day of a poor, sullen Lithuanian trainer.

Unlike a lot of other games where Conan has trouble with the controls, he managed to do a pretty good job of understanding what was going on in the VR games thanks to the HTC Vive's wireless remotes.

Some people have remarked that it's easier for them to understand the control mechanics in VR than just playing with a controller. And, based on how fluent he became and how easily Conan was able to make use of the tools provided to him in the environment, it was easy to see how that just might be true.

Of course, the elephant in the room was Conan's constant call back to the fact that VR would be great with porn. It's something the YouTube specialist avoided addressing (on multiple occasions) but it's an observation that has some basis in reality.

Various analysts and market strategists have already commented earlier this year that there's a strong likelihood that VR would likely get its strongest foothold in the market through porn, as reported by Fortune.

It seems like a joke in Conan's skit but the reality is that they're expecting people on average to pay up to $35 for VR porn. 2016 alone is expected to rack up $15 million within the VR porn market.

Google, Facebook and Valve have worked hard to side-step any mention or discussion about the porn market taking hold of their VR headsets, the Daydream View, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but you can't fight the future.

As for Conan... it was interesting seeing him really enjoy himself with the games instead of ridiculing them on their hiccups, hang-ups and hardcore mechanics in his Clueless Gamer segments, like his recent tear down of Final Fantasy XV. Here, he seemed to have the freedom to do whatever he wanted and the audience had plenty of fun watching him be a complete goofball.

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