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Now that Game Freak's Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon have released for the Nintendo 3DS portable gaming device, gamers can go out into the world of Alola and capture as many Pokemon as their heart desires. Well, what's more is that there's a new Pokemon trainer set to help make it easier yet for you.

Travelers Essentials Pack

Over on Amazon there's a new Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Sun and Moon ultimate Traveler Essentials Pack, containing everything you need to become the ultimate Pokemon trainer. The pack comes in various forms, but each one consists of a loop carrying handle on a zip-up multi-compartment case that has a spot for your Nintendo 3DS, up to eight different Nintendo 3DS games, a Pokemon themed stylus. There are also two individual cases for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, along with a screen wipe, and both upper and lower screen protectors for the Nintendo 3DS XL.

The trainer pack is only $19.99, and each one comes with a Nintendo 3DS cover themed after the legendary Pokemon featured in Sun and Moon, including a cover for Lunala the mythical moon-based Pokemon, and one for Solgaleo the mythical sun-based Pokemon. There are also two other packs featuring a cover on the carrying case that features both Solgaleo and Lunala, as well as a cover that features the three starter Pokemon and Pikachu. The Traveler Essentials pack with the starter Pokemon on the cover replaces the Poke Ball stylus with a Pikachu stylus.

The Travelers Essentials Pack is made by RDS Industries, and is designed for gamers who want a convenient way to pack up and carry their Nintendo 3DS with them wherever they go.

Right now there's no way to know exactly what people think about the new Travelers Essentials Pack from RDS Industries because it isn't due for release until November 22nd later this week on Tuesday. You can, however, pre-order the various packs right now, which includes the Lunala pack, the Solgaleo pack, the Solgaleo and Lunala pack, and the Pokemon starter group pack.

Each of the four packs are only $19.99, so you won't have to burn through the contents of your wallet in order to put your games in a safe place while you travel. You'll also be able to easily keep your Nintendo 3DS stored while you're out and about.

Don't be surprised to see more specialty cases like this being made specifically for Pokemon Sun and Moon, given that it's one of the most popular games to come out for the handheld in recent times. In fact, Nintendo stated that it was the most pre-ordered game for the system.

A lot of that may have some part to do with the popularity of Pokemon Go, which actually managed to raise a lot of interest in older games in the series such as Pokemon X and Y as well as Pokemon Black and White.

With the latest Pokemon games out and about on the market and the new Travelers Essentials Pack being made available later this week, it's likely a good time to be a die-hard fan of the series.

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