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The Last Guardian

It's hard to believe, but The Last Guardian finally launches next Tuesday, Dec. 6, and even the game's creator agrees that a decade is a long, long time to wait on a game.

Press kits for The Last Guardian have started rolling out and, according to Eurogamer, a special note to "Adventurers" about to play the game was included from director Fumito Ueda. In the note, Ueda states that, yes, The Last Guardian took a bit longer than expected to finally arrive.

Unfortunately, as you know, we ran into a few twists and turns along the way and the title took longer than anyone expected. Still, just as ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are truly unique games, so too is The Last Guardian an experience unlike any other.

It's not often that a highly-anticipated game begins development, slips into obscurity, is presumed DOA on a number of occasions, and then finally returns so folks can actually play it. But that's exactly what happened with The Last Guardian, a game only matched in epic development insanity by the recently released Final Fantasy XV, which took 11 years to get into our hot little hands on Nov. 29.

We love that Ueda invokes the names of the team's previous games, as ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are exactly why folks have been holding out hope for 10 years that Guardian would actually see the light of day. Both of those games are considered PS2 classics, with The Last Guardian set to be their grand follow-up on the PlayStation 3. However, all sorts of staff shuffles, complications, delays and the like led many to believe that the game was dead. It was never fully shelved, but it certainly faded into the background a number of times.

Then, during E3 2015, fans went nuts as the PlayStation press conference kicked off with a trailer for The Last Guardian. The message was simple: The game is still coming, and it's closer than ever to actually being finished. Of course it's taken another year and a half to get here but, come next Tuesday, The Last Guardian will finally arrive. We've got our fingers crossed that it will have all been worth the wait.

As for Ueda's note, he goes on to encourage players to take their time with the game and enjoy the scenery. He also hints that the ending will be another memorable conclusion, which has us worried. The previous two games were emotional roller coasters, so we're terrified something horrible is going to happen to that damn dragon-dog-thing.

So it's taken a long, long time for The Last Guardian to arrive but, next week, we'll finally get to go on that long-awaited journey. Let us know in the comments below if you still plan on being one of those adventurers Ueda wrote his letter to.

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