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Destiny: Rise of Iron - Nova Mortis

Bungie has been hard at work adding in new content to Destiny: Rise of Iron for PS4 and Xbox One users, this includes brand new alternates for the Thunderlord, giving gamers a little something extra to kick enemies around with. A pair of modifications to the Thunderlord called the Abbadon and the Nova Mortis.

IGN picked up the news during this year's hectic and information-heavy PlayStation Experience, which took place in Anaheim, California. The event kicked off with a stage conference introducing gamers to a variety of games set to arrive throughout 2016, 2017, 2018 and beyond.

Not every game showcased was a brand new game, though. Some of the titles on display were there to give gamers a heads-up about new content being introduced into the gameplay experience, like Destiny. Bungie's sci-fi shooter was updated recently to include elemental variants for the Thunderlord, including a void version of the machine gun called the Nova Mortis.

The Nova Mortis features some basic modifiers such as Infuse, which consumers a more powerful weapon to boost the attack value of the Nova Mortis. It also sports Accurized Ballistics, allowing for harder hitting and higher impact projectiles. The Accurized Ballistics does come with a drawback in the form of increased recoil.

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The Nova Mortis features a gray, purple and pink color scheme. There's a light gunmetal scheme over the receiver with pink glowing coils and a giant, glossy purple ammo drum at the bottom. The bullet feed also features a matching glossy purple paint job. The void version of the Nova Mortis has a high rate of fire and an attack rate of 360.

That's not the only weapon variation recently added to Destiny. They also have the solar rendition of the Thunderlord in the form of the Abbadon. The level 40 weapon also features an attack rate of 360 and does solar damage on enemies. It's the same as the Nova Mortis, only it has a slightly alternate livery, this time featuring silver across the top of the receiver along the sight line, and a dark titanium coat along the barrel and lower part of the receiver, with a copper tone on the ammo drum and the latch on the top of the stock.

You can see what both guns look like in the brief 24 second video that IGN posted up for everyone to see.

The two new weapon variations in Destiny: Rise of Iron didn't exactly receive a sparkling showing of excitement from gamers. Many seemed fairly nonchalant about the whole thing, and were more interested in new weapons as opposed to variations on older weapons.

Nevertheless, Bungie at least followed through with what they promised a while back. The two new weapon variations are currently available to acquire in Destiny: Rise of Iron for the Xbox One and PS4. Bungie had to leave the PS3 and Xbox 360 behind, after releasing Rise of Iron, but it's all for the best. Can't have decade old technology holding back the new tech.

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