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The NES Classic Edition from Nintendo turned out to be one of the biggest surprise hits of the fall season. The console ended up selling out within minutes of being released and stock shortages ensued. However, the NES Classic Edition is now back in stock... sort of.

The tweet about the NES Classic Edition being back in stock came directly from Amazon's official Twitter account. They announced that the popular home console device featuring 30 built-in games and the ability to use classic and new-school controllers alike is currently available in limited supplies for those living in the District of Columbia area; the Virginia Beach area, the Richmond, Virginia area; anyone living in the Baltimore, Massachusetts region; anyone living in Raleigh, North Carolina; those down in Atlanta, Georgia; the folks residing in the Miami, Florida region; As well as anyone located in Tamba Bay and Orlando regions.

They promise two hour delivery but only to those select cities and only for those with Amazon Prime Now.

It most certainly limits the availability of such a surprise smash hit that took the gaming world by Storm this past November.

As you can imagine the comment section on that tweet is explosive. Amazon was bum-rushed by eager customers looking to pick up the NES Classic and the servers quickly became overloaded within a matter of minutes. Users quickly began to complain that after selecting the NES Classic and adding it to their cart, it was removed from their cart before checkout, inciting a certain amount of fury from those individuals.

The Amazon Twitter account explained that adding an item to the cart does not guarantee that the item will stay in the cart until checkout. This meant that the people who added the NES console to their cart and attempted to check out -- but maybe didn't do so fast enough -- would have the item removed from their cart if stock ran dry before they were able to check out. Tough luck.

Others complained in the thread that the select cities having access to the console was unfair. One potential customer who paid for Amazon Prime was frustrated that she couldn't get the popular Nintendo device because of the city she lived in, forcing her to have to wait along with everyone else not in the selected cities mentioned above.

The funny part about it is that there is a flood of angry customers who are apparently Amazon Prime members that are now unable to get their hands on the NES Classic Edition because of the city they live in.

It's not all doom and gloom for everyone, though. The comment thread on Twitter reads like a lottery, with some people actually managing to checkout with the micro-console packed with 30 of Nintendo's classics from the coveted 8-bit era of gaming. They exclaim through their tweets how they were able to get their hands on the console, and one person even posted a Super Mario Bros., gif saying "Thank you!"

Nintendo has had a tough time keeping up with supplying stock to retailers throughout the holiday season, so they must be happy about the amount of units they've been able to shift for a $59 console containing games that are 30 years old.

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