Sony has a special system update in the works and they're inviting gamers to get in on this magnificent development. The update will bring some all new firmware changes to the PlayStation 4, giving gamers a few new features to tinker around with.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, SIE's Andrew Kelly explained that the registration process for joining the PS4 system update beta is currently open. Beta 4.5 will enter into trial testing in early February. The sign-up process is open now for those who are 18 years of age or older.

PlayStation 4

In order to register for the beta, you'll need to first agree to the terms and conditions over on the sign-up page, and then proceed to input your PSN ID and accept or deny newsletter information about PlayStation products and updates.

As far as 4.5 is concerned, Sony is keeping it tightly under wraps and playing it very close to the chest. Only select PlayStation 4 owners will be able to get in on the beta and will need an active internet connection along with access to a PSN Master Account. According to Kelly, they will have another update in the near future explaining the details of update 4.5 and what gamers can expect.

According to the comments, they're hoping that update 4.5 for the PS4 brings new PS4 Pro features. In fact, there are a lot of people in the comments exclaiming that their PS4 Pro "is ready", a play on the old Sony slogan "You are not ready".p

Some people began posting suggestions for what they would like to see in the update, including more device homogeneity between smart devices and PlayStation devices. For instance, one individual suggested that the PS4 and PS4 Pro might do well to make use of the iPhone PlayStation app to enable users to edit and share gifs and images posted to their account. That's actually not a bad idea, especially if you have to step out after finishing a game session and you don't have time to edit an image or a quick clip you captured -- being able to quickly pull it up on your smartphone and finish where you left off would be very convenient.

A few other people made suggestions about mic compatibility on other devices, controller compatibility, and a few other features.

For those who do get into the beta, take note that if anything causes your PS4 to start acting wonky or you're not at all pleased with the update, you can always rollback to version 4.00, which featured a couple of other noteworthy updates for the PS4. For instance, 4.00 introduced a slight tweak to the user interface, more options for folders, as well as the long-awaited update for the quick menus.

Hopefully we can expect more quality of life updates for the 4.5 update along with a few other features. I imagine Sony is also going to aim to improve compatibility with the PlayStation VR headset, and further stabilize the PlayStation 4 Pro. This will likely be a top priority heading into the release of Horizon: Zero Dawn next month, which launches at the end of February.

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