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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo finally dropped the important details that everyone has been waiting for regarding the Nintendo Switch: the price and the release date. Previously we knew it was in March, but now we know exactly when in March. March 3.

During the Nintendo Switch presentation that Nintendo has been promoting over the last couple of months, they announced the official price of the Nintendo Switch and the official release date. The Nintendo Switch will be available on March 3rd, 2017 in Japan, U.S., Canada, major European countries, Hong Kong and other territories. It won't be a complete worldwide release but it's close enough. The suggested retail price will be $299.99 in North America, and the Nintendo CEO suggested checking with European outlets for the final price in Europe.

Previously Bloomberg reported that a leak from Wal-Mart suggested that the Nintendo Switch would retail for $300, causing Nintendo's stock to take a slight dip from the news given that it wasn't the exact price that the analysts had foretold for Nintendo's new home console. But the retail price shouldn't be too big a factor given the hype surrounding the machine and the fact that it's the first major home console and mobile hybrid system.

According to the Nintendo presentation, the Nintendo Switch will be the first major console in recent times from Nintendo that will be region free, enabling gamers to be able to play games from different regions without being locked to a specific region. This is a huge departure from some of Nintendo's previous efforts where the consoles were locked to specific regions in order to play games. This means that when games release in specific regions but may not be available in other regions you'll be able to import them and play them on the system without worrying about the game being blocked on the system.

One of the other worries about the Nintendo Switch was the battery life. According to the presentation, gamers will be able to get anywhere between two to six hours of gaming. This was a very important aspect of the Switch for some gamers, in fact, it was a make it or break it feature for the console. I'm assuming the two-hour limit is for hardware intensive games and six hours is for apps and games that aren't that taxing.

You can use the USB type-C adaptor that allows for charge and play activity while you're on the go, or charge and play while you're sitting at home. The Switch will also allow for up to eight systems to be connected for local wireless gaming via the ad-hoc Wi-Fi.

Additionally, an NFC read and write sensor on the Joy-Con controllers allows it read Amiibo data while on the other controller there's a capture button that allows you to capture screenshots and video to share with friends.

Much like the Wii U's GamePad, there's also an accelerometer and gyro sensors for motion-based gaming. This applies to the way both single and multiplayer games can be made and will also include rumble features, like previous Nintendo controllers since the N64's controller from back in the mid-to-late 1990s.

The system definitely has a lot more features than what some people may have been expecting, and the $299.99 price tag could put some people off who were hoping for a $250 price point, but there are a lot of possibilities with the Switch that opens it up for a ton of new gaming possibilities, similar to what Nintendo introduced back in 2006 with the Wii.

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