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One of the launch games for the Nintendo Switch is a party game called 1-2 Switch. If the name sounds odd it's because the game is odd. However, it's an extremely original title and speaks well to Nintendo's creativity.

1-2 Switch was announced during the live-stream presentation held in Tokyo, Japan for the unveiling of the price and release date of the Nintendo Switch. Separately, a full-on gameplay trailer for 1-2 Switch was posted up on the official Nintendo YouTube channel, where gamers briefly got an idea of what to expect from the party game.

Now, I'll be honest here, all during the initial live-stream presentation I didn't know what they were trying to sell. They barely showed gameplay and the description didn't make much sense; it didn't sound like much of a game to me.

The initial trailer showcasing the two cowboys made it seem like it was going to be a sort of Red Dead Redemption title (although it was obvious it wasn't, given that Nintendo tries very hard to veer away from a lot of overt violence in the first-party line-up), but then the trailer began showcasing all of these other odd scenarios that completely threw me for a loop.

We see two people in different situations facing each other and performing all sorts of odd pantomimes. One pairing pretends to swing a sword while another blocks. Another scene shows two people attempting to throw magic at each other. Another sequence shows two guys battling each other in air-guitar. Another scene shows two female sailors, and then there are some other short sequences where I can't even tell what they're doing.

As the headline mentions, 1-2 Switch for the Nintendo Switch is very... Nintendoy. It's not a traditional party game nor is it a traditional competitive game. It reminds me of something you might see at the arcade in a foreign resort.

Thankfully they showcased more of the game during the Treehouse Live event for Nintendo Switch games. During the event they revealed that there are some crazy 1-on-1 competitive games such as using the Joy-Con controllers to rapidly milk the udders of a cow, and whoever gets the most milk out of the cow the quickest wins. They also demonstrated the quick draw where you have to face your opponent and then quickly raise the Joy-Con and press the trigger to out-draw your opponent. It's actually pretty cool.

There are a variety of other games included in the pack as well, including dance and pose games and all sorts of other odd, weird, quirky and entertaining mini-games. They didn't give a price for 1-2 Switch on the Nintendo Switch, but we do know that it will be a launch title for the system on March 3rd. It's really hard to tell exactly how well this game will be viewed by the consumer market in the Americas and Europe, but it definitely seems like this could be a smash hit on the Nintendo Switch in Japan.