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We know from the Nintendo Switch reveal event last week that the console has a couple of customization options here in the U.S. For gamers in Japan, though, they'll be able to get a bit more creative with the look of their new home console/portable hybrid.

It's not like Japan is getting a wildly different selection of options here, but it's interesting to note that they can personalize their new Switch console a lot more than folks shopping in other regions. Here in the States, you can buy one of two Switch bundles; one that features the standard gray Joy-Con controllers and one that has a red left controller and a blue right controller. As for those Joy-Con straps, they simply come in gray no matter which bundle you get.

In Japan, folks ordering through the My Nintendo service, according to Polygon, can mix and match to their heart's content. For instance, you have your choice of any of the three colors for the Joy-Con controllers, picked individually. In other words, if you want red on the left and gray on the right, you can do that. Want them both to be blue? You can do that, too.

As for the Switch's Joy-Con straps, you have your pick of four colors on each side, ranging from the standard red, blue and gray, as well as a softer shade of gray. Again, you can pick these individually, so you can go for an all gray controller setup, red on one side and blue on the other, or any mix in between.

While we're sure this has got some soon-to-be Switch owners feeling at least a twinge of jealousy, we remind you that this is Nintendo we're talking about, so it's only a matter of time before a whole rainbow of color options are available separately for all of your Joy-Con needs. Heck, we wouldn't be surprised if, within the first year, the console itself comes in a few different color schemes. Themed Switch bundles don't seem out of the question, either. For instance, could you imagine a Switch with Joy-Con and straps themed after Splatoon 2?

The only real problem we see here is the cost. As we recently reported, Nintendo's peripherals aren't cheap. In Japan, they can customize their consoles a bit right out of the box. Here, if you want to try something different with your controllers, those things are going to set you back a good $40 a pop or $70 bundles. We like the idea of a pair of Zelda-themed Switch controllers, but we're not sure that, if that ever even becomes available, many folks would be willing to part with that kind of money for a green Joy-Con and a Triforce logo.

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