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The Nintendo Switch is still weeks out from release. We can't expect to see it on store shelves until March 3rd, but we have been able to see what the game cases may look like when they end up on retailer shelves this March.

The image of the Nintendo Switch case was posted up by Twitter user Gaijinhunter. We get to see what the case for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks like in comparison to a PSP case. PSP cases are already quite small compared to other game cases like the PS4 or the Xbox One, so the Nintendo Switch case being even smaller gives you an idea of how it measures up size-wise to the competition.

Since Nintendo Switch games don't use discs but cartridges, it makes sense that Nintendo wouldn't want to throw away more plastic making a giant sleeve for a tiny game cart. The box size seems to represent the portability of the games, which coincides with the portability of the console itself.

The case in the image comes from a Japanese retailer, who has the display case up early ahead of the launch of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We see Link on the cover with a sword, standing atop a mountain as dark shadows cover his back and the ground while the bright sunlight shines on the land beyond.

The Japanese version of the box art features the typical title, "Zelda's Legend" with the subtitle beneath it that reads "Breath of the Wild". The American version of the box art will likely undergo some changes, which is typical for most East to West localizations, but the size of the box will likely stay the same. Most times the size of the boxes stay the same going from East to West (or vice versa), but the box art is usually subject to change in some way, unless the game is being "preserved" to retain its authenticity, sort of like Yakuza 0, where the box art is practically identical other than the Kanji iconography being changed to the English lexicon.

Some users in the Twitter feed were wondering if the American box size might change to coincide with marketing visibility. Some suspected that Nintendo of America might want to give the impression that their console isn't "weaker" by being "smaller" than the competition, so they might opt for a Blu-ray sized case. However, Nintendo has not in any way intimated that they're going to alter the box size to appeal to Western audiences.

In a recent German television ad for Mario Kart 8: Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch, the box size for the game was the same size of the box featured in the tweet above. So it looks like there will be an international standard for the box sizes of Nintendo Switch games. Of course, this is Nintendo we're talking about and they very well could opt to switch things up by making the box sizes different for different regions.

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