For Honor

Ubisoft announced that the open beta for For Honor will commence shortly before the game's release later this month. For gamers interested in partaking in the beta, some details have been revealed, giving them a heads-up on how to participate and when it's going to take place.

According to a recent press notice that Ubisoft sent out, you can play the For Honor beta starting February 9th and running through February 12th. The weekend beta commences just ahead of the game's full release on February 14th. You can register for the beta over on the official website where you can choose your platform and your alliance.

The open beta will include the all new Elimination Mode, which will debut for the public in For Honor for the very first time. The mode is played across five rounds with no respawns. Teams of four are matched up against each other, making it a standard deathmatch but where you only have one life. The objective is to kill the opposing team via elimination. The first time to win three out of five rounds wins the game.

The Elimination Mode won't be the only gameplay option available in the open beta of For Honor. Ubisoft will also be including the Dominion Mode, Brawl, and Duel. In the Dominion Mode, you'll have to work with your team to take over checkpoints throughout the map and secure it from the opposition. You'll have minions at your disposal while also having to face off against the minions of your opposition. This mode can also be played between as few as two or as many as eight players. It's similar to the Domination game modes in other titles like Call of Duty or the Conquest modes in Battlefield. Whoever scores the most points before time runs out wins the round.

Brawl is a free-for-all mode and Duel is an interesting one-on-one mode where players will face off against another set of players in Bushido Blade-like duels across a number of rounds.

They also revealed that there will be nine available hero classes to play. They don't list them off, but they will include the already revealed classes and some of the newer ones that Ubisoft have been spotlighting since the closed beta.

For Honor seems to straddle the line between being a successor to games like Bushido Blade, while also mirroring mechanics from popular games like Koei Tecmo's Dynasty Warriors series. Players will be able to hack and slash down enemies using quick attacks and heavy attacks, but also modify their attacks for more skill-oriented combat by locking onto opponents and using directional strikes to down foes. The offensive attacks are as equal in availability as defensive abilities too. Players can block different attacks from different directions as well as use counter-attacks, parries and feints.

The game has centered a great deal of its focus on the multiplayer, but I'm also hoping that the single-player content is robust enough for people who may not be too inclined to play online against other people.

You can look for the For Honor beta to get underway starting next week on February 9th just ahead of the February 14th release date for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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