One of the most explosive crowdfunded games to come out this generation was Slightly Mad Studios' Project CARS. The game managed to make a splash on Xbox One, PS4 and PC and now more details have emerged on Project CARS 2, the upcoming simulation racer due for release on home consoles and PC.

Project CARS 2

Polygon is reporting that the follow-up to the 2015 release will arrive this fall for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Bandai Namco is still handling the publishing rights and developer Slightly Mad Studios is still at the helm of production.

The sequel will launch out of the gate with 60 tracks and 170 cars. That's pretty impressive. Obviously, though, this comes from the fact that all of the engine details, physics, LOD parameters and optimizations from the first game are already in place. Project CARS 2 is essentially a "content sequel", where you're getting much of the same thing from the first just more of it, finely balanced, tweaked and with some additional options, such as 12K resolution support for up to three 4K monitors each. There will also be VR headset support out of the gate, but they don't mention if this will be limited to PC users rocking HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headsets, but hopefully they can also squeeze in support for the PlayStation VR for those with a PlayStation 4 PRO.

A teaser trailer was released to commemorate the news, which you can view below.

Another new feature that they're working on is dynamic real-time weather effects taking place while you race. This is called Livetrack 3.0, which will mean that a track can get wet or it can dry out, or the barometric atmosphere can change, which will alter track parameters and affect the physics of the cars.

Slightly Mad Studios actually made it known shortly after the release of the original Project CARS that they would be working on a sequel for home consoles and PC. This was despite the fact that people who had invested in the crowdfunding for the original game were expecting a release on the Nintendo Wii U at the time. However, the Wii U version of the game never came to fruition. They did however state that they would consider looking into porting over the original Project CARS to the Nintendo NX if it was powerful enough. Well, Nintendo officially announced the Nintendo Switch, but there's still no word on Project CARS arriving for the system.

According to Polygon, the game has been partially crowdfunded already from 3,000 select members of the Project CARS community, totaling $250,000 toward the production of the game.

Hopefully Project CARS 2 will appear on the Nintendo Switch this fall. They can also no longer use the "underpowered" excuse that they did with the Wii U given that the Switch is benchmarked to be on par to the Xbox One. So, anything running on the Xbox One can run on the Nintendo Switch.

They don't say what the exact release date is, but expect to see the game on store shelves later this year.

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