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It looks like even more changes are coming to this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3. According to a recent announcement, Microsoft will be breaking from the norm when it comes to scheduling its pre-show press conference.

This afternoon, Microsoft sent out an email explaining that they would be shifting their show to a day earlier this year, now scheduled to take place at 2 p.m. on Sunday, June 11. The announcement went on to tout an "exciting E3 where we'll showcase more games and experiences." Also promised in the announcement was another Xbox FanFest event, meant to give attendees some additional one-on-one time with upcoming games outside of the traditional E3 showing.

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In the past, Microsoft has hosted its press conference early Monday morning during E3 week. That was traditionally followed by press conferences the same day from folks like EA, Ubisoft and Sony. Nintendo has gone with a video presentation for the past few years, foregoing a proper press conference.

For those of you who plan on marking your calendars for the event, that's 2 p.m. PDT on June 11, and the event will be hosted out of the traditional Galen Center venue in Los Angeles. The image that accompanied the email is the same that Microsoft has been using to promote the Scorpio console, so we imagine that will be a big focus of this year's show. As pointed out on IGN, the same image was used in a recent tweet from Microsoft announcing the new time and date.

Xbox Scorpio hardware E3 2017

We'll be interested in seeing if any other publishers follow Microsoft's shift in time slots. Since EA has announced it will be holding its own event outside of E3 this year, they're no longer part of the official lineup. Also, Bethesda had a press show on Sunday last year and plans on holding another show this year, so maybe they'll follow Microsoft on that same day. Or, maybe they'll take the now vacant Monday morning slot, with Ubisoft slated mid-day and Sony in the evening, like usual. Then again, maybe they'll all play musical chairs by the time everything is said and done, resulting in a completely new lineup.

For press planning to attend E3 this year, that means many folks might have to plan on going a day earlier than usual. The one thing that won't change, though, is the standard event, which runs from Tuesday through Thursday. With the public able to buy tickets this year, those are the days you'll want to shoot for, as it sounds like the press events will still remain focused on news coverage.

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