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SNES $10,000 Games

There's been an ongoing saga related to an archival process involving SNES games. The story involved a parcel containing $10,000 worth of SNES titles that ended up getting lost in the mail. Well, it appears the story might have a happy ending after all.

Over on the website, ran by gaming archivist Byuu, he posted an update on the events, saying that there's a happy ending to the missing package worth $10,000.

He first explained that he had been receiving packs of SNES games, with 100 games per pack. These were being sent from another collector. He would receive the games, archive them as ROMs and then send them back to the original owner. The objective was to preserve these classic titles so that future generations will be able to experience them. However, things went sour when one of the packages, worth an estimated $10,000, ended up going missing and the labels were ripped off the package during handling by the USPS.

Byuu was distraught at this news, given that the SNES games did not belong to him. He began making it public what was going on and he explains in the post that all of the media coverage that he had received about the USPS mishandling $10,000 worth of items actually managed to get the attention of a USPS Consumer Affairs manager. On February 16th, the manager informed him that all of the news coverage is what actually got him to pay attention to the event, and he worked with Byuu to get in contact with the right people at USPS to help track down the package.

Shortly thereafter, Byuu received an e-mail saying that they had located his package. A flood of relief washed over him for a brief time. However, upon contacting the Consumer Affairs department, he was told that the e-mail he was sent was "errant" and that they had not found the package. However, the rep informed him that they would do one last search for it.

The search was not in vain. Byuu had taken photographs of the package, and those helped people in the postal center in Atlanta, Georgia in being able to locate the package. Instead of getting his hopes up high just like he did with the e-mail, he decided to wait it out and see if they really did locate his package.

Fast forward to February 23rd, Byuu receives a package at home and, lo and behold... it's the 100 SNES games!

There was a lot of relief on Byuu's part, but he wasn't completely out of the woods. While this particular incident had a happy ending, it still raises questions for the future of his archiving endeavors, especially in terms of avoiding another costly mishap like the one explained above. Previously, we reported that Byuu was going to simply cut his losses and take donations as a way to refund the original owner of his 100 SNES titles worth $10,000. However, with the games safely in his possession he no longer has to rely on the donations. For the funds he did receive he's refunding those people and informing them that all is well.

He states that, in the future, he'll be receiving and shipping smaller quantities of games to lower the risks. He still needs about 300 games in order to complete the PAL region archival set, but he's willing to take it easy in getting there. It's nice to know that in this particular case there was a happy ending for Byuu and his preservation project, and the USPS was able to save some face in the process.

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