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Capcom's Dead Rising 4 has already launched for the Xbox One and on Windows 10 for PC. However, when it comes to PC gaming, the biggest and baddest digital distribution outlet is Steam- and now they've announced when the game will arrive on Valve's platform.

The news was posted up over on the official Dead Rising Twitter, where they mentioned that those playing games on Steam will be able to pick up a digital copy of Dead Rising 4 starting March 14th, which is just a few weeks from now.

The game is available for pre-order on Steam right now, where gamers can put some money down for the PC version of the game.

The title sees Frank West making a return to form as he revisits Willamette Memorial Megaplex from the first Dead Rising. A conspiracy is taking place involving the zombies flooding Willamette, and a military group who seems to be occupying the city.

Capcom Vancouver opted to make some changes to the game, including adding the new exo-suit feature that gives Frank super abilities and extra stopping power to curb-stomp zombies into the concrete. Dead Rising 4 also features new vehicle customization combinations and options, allowing Frank to tear through the streets of Willamette in violent style.

Additionally, the developers replaced the Psychos in the Dead Rising series with the more sanitized Maniacs. There were complaints from some critics that the Psychos in previous games were highly politically incorrect, and Capcom rectified that in Dead Rising 4 by getting rid of them. A lot of fans weren't happy about that decision, and have been expressing their discontent at some of these changes by downvoting the videos on YouTube.

Nevertheless, Capcom did put out a new trailer for the Steam version of Dead Rising 4, giving gamers a brief look at what the game will look and run like on Valve's platform.

As mentioned, the video was downvoted quite badly by people who felt that Dead Rising 4 wasn't quite up to par with the other three games in the series. One of the common complaints is that Frank West is no longer Frank West, and a lot of people are also miffed about the game's ending. Some speculate that the true ending for the game will be locked behind a DLC paywall, leading to further discontent from the gaming community.

So far Capcom hasn't made any mention about a "true ending" for the game being behind a DLC paywall. I doubt they would want to repeat what happened with Asura's Wrath, where the game's true ending was also behind a paywall. Quite a few gamers were angered about that, opting not to buy the game at all, which was a real shame because Asura's Wrath was easily one of the best made games during the seventh gen.

Anyway, you can look to get your hands on the Steam version of Dead Rising 4 for PC starting March 14th.

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