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Fans of one of the best Lord of the Rings games to date, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, have been begging for a sequel from the moment the credits started rolling on the first game in the series. Well, now they've got one. Warner Bros. has now officially announced Shadow of War, complete with a reveal trailer for the upcoming game.

I say "officially" above because folks actually knew about the game about a day ahead of schedule, unfortunately. Over the weekend, the Target website loaded a page for a game called Shadow of War, complete with an image cover of both a standard and "Gold Edition" of the game.

With the orc-killing cat out of the bag, it looks like Warner Bros. decided to go ahead and pull the curtain all the way back, posting the reveal trailer shown above. The tagline is pretty simple, but epic, saying that "A new Ring is forged...War awaits...and nothing will be forgotten."

The trailer itself is rad as hell, beginning with the warning that the world of man is coming to an end. As the Ring is forged, we get some brief images of common folk panicking as a storm builds on the horizon. The Ring was built to destroy Sauron but, as this particular story reminds us all too often, those seeking power are easily corrupted.

Sauron is seen gathering his forces, including a freaking Balrog erupting from the ground in a torrent of flames. After that, we see the Witch King and his minions laying waste to cities and villages, causing epic destruction in their wake.

Clearly, we've got our work cut out for us in this follow-up to Shadow of Mordor. It looks like the stakes have been raised significantly this time around, but we imagine the Ring of Power will grant us some cool new tricks for taking out baddies and even turning them against one another. I mean, can you imagine how awesome it would feel to take control of a Balrog?

For those of you who prefer gameplay trailers over cinematic reveals, you won't have much longer to wait in order to see the game in action. The trailer comes to a close with a promise that the gameplay reveal will be on March 8, which is only about a week out at this point. As for the game's launch, it's also not too far into the future. Shadow of War will arrive on Aug. 22, 2017. Listed platforms include the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Sure, the Switch will have been out for half a year by then, but we figure the team was pretty deep into development before Nintendo's new console came into the mix. Still, being a big third-party game, it will be interesting to see if this follow-up to Shadow of Mordor will eventually be available on the console/portable hybrid.

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