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Fire Pro Wrestling World Announced

One of the greatest wrestling game series ever made is making a return to form thanks to Spike Chunsoft. They've announced that starting in the second quarter of 2017, gamers will be able to take part in the revival of a classic franchise for the PlayStation 4 and on Steam for PC.

DualShockers is reporting that Fire Pro Wrestling World will be available later this year for PC and PS4. Spike Chunsoft is heading up the project, picking up where the series last left off back in 2012 for the Xbox 360.

The new game will feature 2000 different character creation parts, and up to 2000 different moves to choose from. The game's Edit Mode has always been one of the most popular features of the Fire Pro Wrestling series, and it's good to know that it's making a return when the new game releases in the second quarter.

The ability to edit and create characters will extend from choosing each and every move from each and every position, to giving characters various taunts and win poses, as well as their fighting stance, finishing move and signature specials. Much like the previous Fire Pro Wrestling games, licensed wrestlers won't be used but clones with similar names will make an appearance, just like in all the other previous Fire Pro titles. Usually players release mods or hacks for the games to restore the names of the wrestlers and fighters to their real life counterparts.

And speaking of wrestlers and fighters... the game will retain its classic variety of different modes that Fire Pro Wrestling has been known for. This means you can partake in classic 3-count bouts with submissions or pins, like a standard pro wrestling match. There's MMA rules, Deathmatch rules, and exhibition rules. You can even mix and match how you want a fight to play out.

You can get a glimpse of the different modes, some of the moves, and the wrestlers in all their hand-drawn glory with the announcement trailer below.

The game's classic timing-based grapple system will still be present, which relied on players having to start a match by grappling and quickly using light attacks to wear an opponent down before being able to pull off heavier combos, power-moves or aerial attacks.

Additionally, steel cage matches, barbed wire matches, and even the landmine matches will make a return. The traditional Battle Royals that were quite popular in a lot of Japanese-style wrestling games -- such as New Japan Pro Wrestling and Fire Pro from back in the day -- will also be available.

New to Fire Pro Wrestling World is the multiplayer online mode, where players can setup leagues, tournaments and championship bouts similar to 2K Games and Yuke's WWE 2K series and their online multiplayer mode.

I'm glad that Spike Chunsoft is officially bringing Fire Pro to Steam and PS4, because it's been a long time coming for PC gamers, and hopefully one of the greatest wrestling and fighting games in the history of gaming will garner quite the deserving audience when it launches later this year.

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