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Nintendo Switch Shipment Delays

There's an issue affecting the Nintendo Switch release units and it's likely not what you think. The new game console arrived on March 3rd for a lot people, but not for some. Pre-orders aren't entirely being fulfilled the way that they were promised.

According to IGN, Amazon hasn't been fulfilling their day-one pre-orders for some Nintendo Switch units. They were particularly keen about the delays for the pre-orders being fulfilled given that some of IGN's own staff didn't receive the Nintendo Switch units they ordered from Amazon.

They were following the tracking for the packages but they've been stuck somewhere between the shipping center and arriving at the designated location.

Nintendo doesn't exactly know what the problem is, but the ship date has apparently been moved. They noted that the consoles in delivery simply state "shipping soon".

Amazon has responded to some of these cases of the Nintendo Switch shipping delays by offering customers a free month of Amazon Prime or knocking off some of the price of the Nintendo Switch pre-order price.

The thing is, they don't exactly explain why there's a delay or what happened. The only thing that IGN was able to find out was that the Nintendo Switch has been delayed by several days for some people who pre-ordered the console through Amazon.

Originally, I'm sure many people thought that this had to do with a supply issue and that the console was all sold out. However, that's not really the case at all, and the system was stocked for those who pre-ordered it. But for some reason Amazon couldn't quite seem to seal the deal and deliver as promised.

So far, a lot of gamers have had no problems getting their consoles from GameStop. The retailer has offered both in-store stock and online orders for the Switch as well. The in-store options have been made available as a way to get more people in the shops and moving product off their shelves.

The issue has a lot of people baffled in regards to what the actual problem is. Some people have resolved to simply blame it on Amazon and them not being adequately equipped to deal with the logistics of delivering pre-ordered items for a day one release. Others still felt as if maybe it was a stock shortage issue and that while they claimed that they were shipping units they may have miscalculated what they actually had in stock at the moment.

Regardless, some Amazon users simply aren't receiving their Nintendo Switch as they had intended. It is nice to know that Amazon is at least reimbursing some customers for the delays and issues that have arisen from this odd little predicament.

Nintendo has said that they have set aside 2 million SKUs for the system's global launch the world around for the month of March. We'll find out just how well the system is selling when Monday arrives and we can get a decent gauge on how much stock is being moved. For those of you who pre-ordered from Amazon, it sounds like your shipments will be delayed by a few days but should arrive soon.

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