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PaRappa the Rapper raps

Sony is gearing up to offer its next big collection of discounted games and, this spring, that includes six upcoming titles that can be purchased at a discounted price for subscribers to PlayStation Plus.

In the coming months, six new games will be coming to the PlayStation 4 that Sony is calling the "Play Collective." In short, this curated list of upcoming titles will be made available at 20 percent off the cover price if you pre-order through the PlayStation Network. According to a recent announcement on the PlayStation blog, "Play Collective" will be the new name going forward for these types of bundled promotions. They used to have a different name for similar collections depending on the season, but it sounds like the plan going forward will be that all such lists will hereby be known as the Play Collective. We imagine they'll boast similar discounts, too.

This first Play Collective will go live next Tuesday, March 21, with a different discounted game offered through April 25. It sounds like you'll be able to take advantage of those savings for each game in the Play Collective starting this week, so pre-order as few or as many as you like and save a fifth of the standard asking price.

Here's a rundown of the six games included in the promotion. We'll follow that up with the promotional trailer Sony launched this afternoon and round things out with a brief look at each game. So, yeah, here's the first roster to be included in the Play Collective.


-Rain World

-PaRappa The Rapper Remastered

-Cosmic Star Heroine

-Full Throttle Remastered

-What Remains of Edith Finch

First up is Everything, hitting the PlayStation store on March 21. A high concept title, Everything lets you take on the role of literally, well, everything. The blog post promises you can literally "be the universe" or create your own, so we're intrigued to see what comes out of this one.

Next up, on March 28, we'll be getting Rain World. This 2D platformer has you taking on the role of a slugcat after being separated from your family. The world is dark and scary, and you must use your wits and quick reflexes to survive the environment and the hungry things that live in it.

The April 4 addition to the lineup likely needs no introduction, but here it is anyway, PaRappa the Rapper Remastered. One of the first games to task players with tapping buttons to the rhythm of catchy tunes, replay all of the glorious PaRappa adventures with a fresh coat of high-def paint slapped on it.

April 11 brings classic JRPG goodness to the modern age with Cosmic Star Heroine, while another old-school classic, Full Throttle Remastered, joins the PS4 family on April 18.

The promotion wraps up April 25 with What Remains of Edith Finch. Explore the world from the first-person perspective to unlock the stories of a mysterious family living in Washington State.

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