For Honor AFK Farmers

One of the popular things to do in games that require a lot of grinding is setup AFK bots or farm money while away from the keyboard so that the game racks up money and experience points for you. Well, Ubisoft isn't tolerating that in For Honor and they've dropped the ban hammer on a crazy number of players.

Over on the For Honor sub-Reddit, Ubisoft issued a public service announcement stating that they would be issuing thousands of warnings to thousands of players who have been AFK farming. They sent out 4,000 warnings to players and gave 1,500 players a three-day ban after they ignored the warning. If those 4,000 players continue to AFK farm, then they will also receive a three-day ban in For Honor.

Ubisoft further explained that those using cheat engines to setup bots to farm, and those exploiting other third-party tools may end up being permabanned for their efforts.

Ubisoft had sent out word previously that they would be cracking down on AFK farmers in For Honor in order to keep the game fair.

However, the community is extremely hostile and angry at this news and it's not for the reasons you think.

While most players are glad that AFK farmers are being punished for unfairly reaping rewards in For Honor, there's an even larger contingent of players who are absolutely livid about the connection issues plaguing the game. The sub-Reddit for the game pinned up the thread about the AFK farmers being warned and banned, but it pales in comparison to another thread that has been receiving thousands of upvotes and attention from the For Honor community regarding the game's poor connection issues.

A lot of legitimate players have noted that it takes them a while to just get in one match in For Honor because they keep getting disconnected due to the peer-to-peer connections. Some also brought up that when PC players use Alt-F4 to close out the game during the middle of a match -- presumably because they're losing -- it crashes the game around an estimated 50% of the time when it happens.

Some players are angered because they feel as if AFK farmers have a more solid chance of receiving currency and experience points to upgrade their characters and unlock new gear over legitimate players, due to the connectivity issues that haven't been addressed since launch.

Well before For Honor released, players had put together petitions and other threads asking Ubisoft for dedicated servers to diminish the issue of connectivity issues ruining the gameplay experience.

Earlier today Ubisoft posted up a message on the sub-Reddit for patch 1.03 that they claim will address the connectivity bugs labeled as errors #6000018 and #6000039, which have been causing disconnections during multiplayer matches.

So hopefully this addresses the concerns of the community, and maybe this will limit the amount of AFK farmers who feel as if it's easier to AFK farm than it is to grind through For Honor in the multiplayer matches due to the connectivity problems.

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