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Link plays an Ocarina

Video game fans will go to great lengths to do something rad if it pertains to one of their favorite titles or series. One guy, for instance, decided to rig up a system that lets him control various things around the house simply by using an ocarina from the Zelda series.

With the Nintendo Swith launching and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild making gamers all over the world cry tears of joy, Youtube user (and wonderfully named) Sufficiently Advanced decided to undertake a home project that pays homage to the legendary series.

In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, everyone's favorite pointy-eared hero uses a musical device called an ocarina to do all kinds of nifty things. While Sufficiently Advanced couldn't rig up a musical instrument to control time, he decided to do the next best thing: make it control his house.

In the video's description, Sufficiently explains that he got the idea when he was thinking about ways to celebrate the launch of Breath of the Wild. Based on a recent BotW discovery, we would have suggested hiding 900 seeds around his home that eventually lead straight to the toilet, but a home automation system controlled by a spiffy musical instrument is pretty cool, too. Check it out in action.

In the video, Sufficiently Advanced uses several songs from Ocarina of Time to control various aspects of his house. In the first scene, we see him play "Zelda's Lullaby" in order to unlock the door. To do this, he simply stands at the window and plays the song. The microphone inside his home hears that specific tune and, boom, the door unlocks. As some folks in the comments pointed out, this at least means that anyone who breaks into Sufficiently's home without forced entry is likely a Zelda fan.

One of the coolest bits of this whole production is that the receiving device has a tiny speaker plugged into it that actually plays the chime from the game that lets you know you entered a song's notes correctly.

This whole production was made from scratch, too. Sufficiently didn't just take an existing home automation system and rewire a few things. In order to pull off its various functions, he had to Rube Goldberg various contraptions together to do things like unlock his car and turn on the lights. It isn't the most attractive home automation system, and we doubt he'll leave it up very long, but it certainly is an impressive feat. The fact that it's Zelda-themed is just icing on the cake. Play Sun's Song and, yep, the lights come on. Play Bolero of Fire and you can crank up the heater. Want the humidifier to kick on? Try Song of Storms.

Yep, gamers are pretty rad people doing pretty rad things. Did we mention he can play Minuet of Forest and it'll turn on a little pump to water his plants?

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