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Nintendo has been given a jackpot in the form of the Nintendo Switch. The system has been sold out and consistently stays sold out at just about every major retailer. Given the boon in the sales for their new device, Nintendo has setup an estimate of how many they want to move this year alone.

According to the Digi Times, they're reporting that the supply chain makers providing parts for Nintendo's device have estimated their total shipments for the first year out will be around 20 million SKUs.

The Nintendo Switch managed to sell around 1.5 million SKUs globally within its first week on the market. That number is expected to explode for the entirety of March when the rest of the numbers are made available.

According to the supply chains, they've relayed that Nintendo president Kimishima Tatsumi estimates the Nintendo Switch to sell a total of about 110 million units over the course of its lifespan on the market, which could definitely be possible depending on the software they make available for the system.

Backtracking for a second... the 20 million figure is interesting because previously the figure was at 16 million SKUs, a double of what they had initially estimated for the fiscal year. Previous to the first week of sales, it was hinted that Nintendo only expected to move 8 million SKUs for the Nintendo Switch throughout 2017.

After the units flew off store shelves when it launched on March 3rd, though, estimates, analytical figures and predictions began jumping up wildly thereafter. SuperData had pointed to the Nintendo Switch moving a paltry 5 million units throughout 2017. Now, unless some sort of drastic catastrophe happens between now and the end of April, it looks like they're going to eclipse that 5 million SKU figure within the first two months on the market.

If sales have been keeping pace and maintaining momentum as hinted at during the first week of the Nintendo Switch's release, then it likely moved 3 million in its first two weeks on the market, and it may hit 5 million at some point during the first week of April, assuming global sales have been keeping pace with the sales in Japan and North America, both of which have stayed sold out of the system since launch.

Europe has been a bit slower on the uptake, specifically in the U.K. However, even still, the system is hard to come by after getting off to a slightly slower start across the pond. France was a lot quicker in adopting the Nintendo Switch, so we'll see how well the figures look from Europe when Nintendo officially announces the next sales milestone.

As to whether or not Nintendo can hit 20 million SKUs the first year out remains to be seen, but if they can maintain momentum by releasing some big titles throughout the spring and summer, and roll out some huge announcements at E3 this year, then the 20 million figure may not be too far off. Nintendo will definitely have to play their cards right with the Switch, as far as software support, OS updates and QOL features are concerned.

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