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Cayde-6 in Destiny 2

The Destiny news mill is running at full steam these days and, according to its latest output, it looks like the PlayStation timed exclusive content from the original game will continue into Destiny 2, and last for at least a year.

This fact was made evident if you happened to watch the Destiny 2 teaser trailer posted on the PlayStation Youtube channel. When the trailer comes to an end on other outlets, the eagle-eyes at Gamespot noted that the PlayStation version of the trailer ends with a final tease that players can "get exclusive Destiny 2 content of PS4." If you read the fine print, you'll notice that said content will once again be timed and, according to the announcement, said timing is "at least fall 2018." It also states that more details will be available this summer.

We can actually pull a whole lot of information from that single screen of information.

For starters, yes, it looks like the unfortunate practice of timed console exclusivity will continue into Destiny 2. Our real issue with this kind of stuff is that it feels less like a reward for one group and more like a punishment to the other. It's not very consumer friendly, is what we're saying.

Anyway, in the original Destiny, this content included stuff like multiplayer maps, weapons, and even entire Strikes; the first-person shooter's take on big, cooperative battles that are one step below a Raid. While the PlayStation crowd got to dive into some exclusive content at the game's launch and during subsequent major updates, the Xbox crowd typically had to wait a full-damn-year to get their hands on the stuff.

Based on this latest announcement for Destiny 2, it looks like a similar practice will be in play once the game finally launches. This morning we received confirmation that, as expected, Destiny 2 will launch in September, September 8 to be precise. This means that we're looking at essentially a year of PlayStation 4 getting early access to content. What happens at the end of that year is anybody's guess. We could see an end to additional content altogether or we could see an end to the exclusive unless, of course, somebody makes a new deal with Bungie for the year two content.

Also, if more information is coming this summer, that sure sounds like they're building up to a big E3 reveal, doesn't it? That show would be the perfect time to fill players in on all of the additional launch details for the game, including exclusive content for PlayStation 4 and maybe even an idea of what the game's DLC plan will be.

At this point we pretty much expect Destiny 2 to be a big part of the Sony E3 press conference but, again, that's just speculation. Until then, we have the new trailer to enjoy.

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