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NES Classic Edition Discontinued

The final batches of NES Classic Edition mini-consoles are out in the wild right now, and you can pick them up wherever you can from participating retailers. However, you will need to act fast because stock is running low and the time to get one is almost up.

According to Polygon, Nintendo sent out word stating that the NES Classic Edition production run has come to an end. The final production shipments of the NES Classic Edition have been sent out to retailers and there will be no more units made available from Nintendo's end henceforth.

The company announced that they've shut down production as of now, and April's run will be the last one in North America. In a statement to IGN they also let them know that this was always the plan and that due to high demand they extended production longer than what was intended. Saying...

NES Classic Edition wasn't intended to be an ongoing, long-term product. However, due to high demand, we did add extra shipments to our original plans.

In the previous quarterly report they had moved 1.5 million SKUs of the NES Classic Edition, racking up close to $100 million in revenue from the system.

The mini-console managed to gain lots of wide acclaim and flew off shelves when it launched back in November of 2016 as part of a holiday special from Nintendo. The system was hugely popular but was always only available in limited quantities.

A lot of people kept asking Nintendo when they would produce more, and they only did so in limited quantities. Now resellers and scalpers will likely sell them for exorbitantly high prices since Nintendo is bringing their production run to an end... in North America.

Further into the Polygon article, they point to Nintendo's Japanese website, where the Japanese version of the Famicom Classic Edition mini-console has a slightly different message. There's literally explicit verbiage on the site indicating that Nintendo will resume or restart production of the Famicom Classic Edition and that visitors should stay tuned into the webpage for further information on when production units will be available again. Again, based on the Japanese verbiage they seem to mention that after production has resumed the site will be updated.

Nintendo could be waiting to see how well the Nintendo Switch does before resuming production. It is odd that they would mention on the Japanese site that they will start manufacturing units again but they make no mention of it for the North American or European versions of the console. It could be that they would rather Western markets saturate with Switch units before diving back into letting customers get their hands on the cheaper NES Classic Edition.

Regardless of their strategy, the mini-console turned out to be a huge success for Nintendo and a lot of people are now curious if they're going to have a mini-console rendition of the Super Famicom, known in the West as the SNES. It would likely be another huge seller given how much people absolutely loved that system and how many great franchises kicked off on the 16-bit console.

In the meantime, if you want to get your hands on the NES Classic Edition, it's best to work fast and pick up a unit before they disappear for good.

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