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Nintendo Switch Neon Yellow Joy-Con

The Nintendo Switch has turned into an absolute sales monster on the market, and Nintendo isn't letting this opportunity escape them to cash in on that uber-popularity by offering gamers even more reasons to put money into the Switch. That's why they introduced a new Joy-Con color.

Gamespot is reporting that if you missed out on the Nintendo Direct from on April 12th this past Wednesday, then you missed out on one of the most important news bits during the Direct: the new neon-lemon colored Joy-Con controller set.

Not only is it a bright yellow Joy-Con color, but it also comes with a matching Joy-Con strap for whether you're playing in TV mode, tabletop mode or the mobile multiplayer mode.

The new Joy-Con color will cost the same as the other Joy-Con controllers. So that means that you will have to pony up $79.99 for the new neon yellow Joy-Con controller and detachable Joy-Con wrist-straps for the Nintendo Switch.

If you want the new bright yellow controllers you'll be able to get them starting this June in just two months' time. To be exact, the new Joy-Con controllers will launch alongside the Nintendo Switch exclusive, ARMS. Both products will launch on June 16th.

Additionally, Nintendo is also launching a new extended battery pack for the Joy-Con controllers. The extended battery pack will give the detachable controllers additional life while you're playing on the go.

The comment section wasn't really all that impressed with the extended battery pack. There haven't been much of any complaints at all about the Joy-Con battery life, so some are wondering why Nintendo would focus on an official peripheral to extend the battery life of the controllers.

It's a good observation, because the biggest problem most people have is with the Nintendo Switch's battery life... in particular, the battery when playing high-end games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which only affords you a max of two hours of play-time with your Switch while on the go.

Some other third-party peripheral makers have opted to create their own battery-pack solution for the Nintendo Switch when using it in the portable mode.

There's no real telling how well these peripherals are selling for the Nintendo Switch, but we do know that the system itself has seen a blockbuster start in the month of March, where it moved just shy of a million units in the United States alone, according to the NPD Group stats. Even more bizarre, the system's launch title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, ended up with an attach rate of more than 102%, which is unbelievable and something I've never seen happen with a launch title.

If the system continues to move the hardware and software in the way that it does, I wouldn't be shocked to find that the neon yellow Joy-Con might end up being a hot commodity this June when it lands on a retail shelf and e-tail outlet near you.

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