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Friday The 13th Finally Has A Release Date. Here's What We Know

Jason walks away from a victim in Friday the 13th

The successfully crowdfunded Friday the 13th video game finally has a release date, and it's sneaking up right behind you. Things are going to get bloody next month for horror fans with a controller in hand.

According to an update from Gamespot, the team behind the upcoming Friday the 13th game have finally revealed when their camper hunting simulator will be hitting the market. You're going to want to mark your calendars for May 26, with the game launching across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. If you're grabbing it digitally, it'll set you back just 40 bucks.

Friday the 13th The Game is the latest tale of triumph from the crowdfunded indie world. The developers were able to excite enough fans to get the project rolling and, though it did see a single delay from a planned 2016 launch to 2017, it looks like they've got Jason Voorhees and all of his poor, poor victims ready to take center stage.

The best thing about these kinds of developments are that the team working on the game is usually super open and informative when it comes to the process of bringing their title to the masses. The Friday the 13th squad offered up oodles of blogs and videos highlighting the process of developing the game, as well as trailers showing off everything from grotesque signature kills to the return of some fan-favorite characters from the movies.

In other words, nobody should be surprised that Friday the 13th will only be a multiplayer game at launch, as that's been the focus since the beginning. The core game is a one on seven, cat versus mouse romp. The player in control of Jason will have all sorts of neat abilities at their disposal and, if they're able to track down the campers, he'll be able to finish them off in spectacular fashion.

The players will have their own bag of tricks to pull from, utilizing their wits to try to outsmart or just plain hide from the killer while they try to escape a living nightmare. Three maps will be available from the get-go, including the legendary Camp Crystal Lake, Higgins Haven and the packanack Lodge. The players will need to achieve various tasks on each map in order to make their escape because, you know, you can't just run until you find safety in a horror movie.

To be clear, players won't be waiting be waiting on that single player component too long. According to the original announcement, it'll get plugged in sometime this summer.

We'll be interested to see how well this game fares. The teams at Gun Media and Illfonic have clearly poured a lot of time and love into it, and they had the support to fund the development. Now let's see who shows up when the camper killing finally begins on May 26.

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