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Destiny Maintenance

Scheduling some playtime for Destiny this week? Well, you might want to be sure to schedule your playtime around the downtime for Bungie's sci-fi first-person shooter. The game is expected to be down for a few hours in order for the team to do some much-needed maintenance.

The news was spotted by Gamespot in the dense but informative weekly report over on the official Bungie website, where they explained that Destiny would be undergoing maintenance for a couple of hours beginning at 10 am Pacific Standard Time on May 4th, this upcoming Thursday.

The maintenance downtime will affect all platforms, but they don't mention if this actually includes the legacy systems, such as the Xbox 360 and PS3. We know that the older seventh gen systems are stuck on update, but will they also be down for maintenance? The "all platforms" comment seems to be a bit wide sweeping, so I'm guessing so?

Gamespot notes that the downtime could last for up to four hours, which means that if you had plans on putting in some time between your lunch break or gaming during the afternoon on Thursday, you might have to put off to the evening. Gamespot also links to a FAQ page, where Bungie explains that there won't be any new content introduced in the update, and the downtime may also affect the ability to log into the companion app for Destiny on mobile devices. And in addition to the mobile app mention... they also revealed that there are some new stickers that users can apply in conversations while using the mobile app for the game.

The maintenance arrives two weeks ahead of the big gameplay reveal for Destiny 2. They likely wanted to get the maintenance done and out of the way in order to focus on the new game's worldwide gameplay reveal set to take place on May 18th. And speaking of worldwide reveals... Bungie also noted in their weekly report that they're also adding more language options for the forums as they prep for the influx of international users expected to flood the place as Destiny 2 ramps up for release.

They're also introducing more international moderators to the forums, so it should make it easier for those who don't speak English to stay abreast of news and information regarding the Destiny series.

Expect the maintenance and updates for the original game to begin to dwindle as Bungie begins to move into overdrive with the upcoming release of Destiny 2. After the big gameplay reveal on May 18th, they'll likely begin preparatory measures to make an appearance at E3 as well to further the hype machine.

From there they'll have just July and August to finalize the game and get it ready for the September launch on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

There's a lot riding on the sequel needing to be a really good, well-rounded game if they want to actually entice gamers who gave up on Destiny to go play other games like Overwatch or Titanfall 2. In the interim, though, for those of you still playing the original game you'll be missing a few hours of playtime this Thursday but after that, you can dive right back into the game and raid, loot, race and PvP to your heart's content.

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