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NetherRealm Studios will have a collection of DLC available for Injustice 2 following its release. They teased the first three characters that will be available for the game after the game releases on May 16th for the Xbox One and PS4.

The teaser trailer for the new DLC characters was posted up over on the official Injustice YouTube channel. It starts by giving us a glimpse at Starfire, one of the prominent characters from DC's Teen Titans spin-off, along with Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat and Jason Todd reborn as the Red Hood.

Starfire was definitely a character I didn't see coming. She's been highly under-utilized in the DC video game space, so it's nice to see her getting a little love from NetherRealm in Injustice 2. Sub-Zero is kind of like whatever... I mean we just had plenty of him and Scorpion in Mortal Kombat X or Mortal Kombat XL, so it's not like he's a must-see character here.

The real surprise (or not really) is Red Hood. In just about every character reveal video for Injustice 2 there was a collection of fanboys asking about the Red Hood. Well, they were obviously listening, and figured most super die-hard fanboys would probably be willing to pay extra to get their hands on Red Hood, which is why he's part of the first character DLC pack.

A lot of people were also asking for an Arkham Knight skin for the Reed Hood if he were added. It's a toss-up as far as that's concerned, given that the Arkham Knight was created by Rocksteady, even though the property belongs to Warner Bros. I'm sure if they asked nicely if Warner Bros. could loan them the rights to the skin, given that they did the same for Rocksteady when they requested to use Christoper Nolan's Tumbler and costume from the 2008 film The Dark Knight.

You'll be able to either get your hands on these characters as part of the DLC pack, once it becomes available, or by pre-ordering the Injustice 2: Deluxe Edition or the Injustice 2: Ultimate Edition. Both the aforementioned packs contain the DLC character codes so that you will be able to access them once they finally become available.

NetherRealm also wanted to make it known that the characters are being developed post-launch, and they aren't being tucked away on the disc as hidden DLC. This is similar to what Capcom did with the 12 characters locked behind a paywall in Street Fighter X Tekken, which they charged gamers extra for in order to unlock.

Some eager Injustice 2 fans are already looking head to the next set of DLC characters set to arrive in the game, with a lot of hints pointing toward Raiden, the thunder god, and one of the deadliest characters in the DC Universe... Black Manta.

They don't give a release date on the DLC, but they reiterate that you gain access to six more DLC characters if you pre-order the Injustice 2: Ultimate Edition.

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