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God of War

A lot of gamers are absolutely thrilled at the idea that a new God of War game is coming. Even more than that, a lot of gamers were hoping that the game would be launching this year during the holiday season for the PS4. However, it seems as if the game may not be coming this year.

Over on the official Twitter profile of Christopher Judge, the actor who is voicing Kratos in the upcoming God of War game, he lists the game with a date of 2018.

The game was originally announced and had its debut trailer revealed along with some in-game play last year at E3. The developers behind the project is the highly regarded Santa Monica Studio, and while they received tons of positive feedback for the game due to the graphics tech and the fluidity and mixture of gameplay and cinematics, what we didn't find out was whether or not the game would be releasing in 2017, 2018 or... whenever.

In fact, the mystery surrounding the release date has a lot of people questioning if there's going to be details unveiled at E3 this year? According to VG 24/7, Christopher Judge recently changed his profile to update the listing for God of War from a 2017 release to a 2018 release. This would make sense if he's going to be doing some of the press touring for the game at E3 this year, just like he did last year when Sony and Santa Monica Studios revealed the game during the stage conference.

This coincides with recent tweets from game director Corey Balrog, who was hit with a few questions online about the current status and progress that the team has made with development. Balrog admitted that they are working on the game's story and lore a lot more compared to previous games, mentioning that skill level of the team is "incredibly high" and that he has a lot of confidence in the project.

The thing is, we have no idea what the game will actually be like until we see the latest developments at E3 this year.

We're likely going to get a solid release date (or at least a release window) and hopefully some actual details on the gameplay when the annual tradeshow comes around.

The previous games were basically isometric, hack-and-slash titles with some light puzzle solving and platforming. The original God of War titles were renown for their "epic" boss fights and larger-than-life characterizations of mythological figures.

The new God of War is aiming for a more grounded take on the franchise, and centers around Kratos and his son surviving during the age of Norse gods.

The camera angle has presumably changed from the overhead view to a more over-the-shoulder angle to make the combat more intimate, and to tie into the fluid transition between gameplay and cinematics.

Even though the possible change from a 2017 to a 2018 release might make some people a little frustrated with having to wait longer for the new God of War, at least we can look forward to seeing what we're waiting for when E3 comes around next month.

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