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A new trailer for the family-oriented game Danger Zone has gone live. The trailer is only 47 seconds long, but it's designed to be explosive fun and get gamers prepped for its release on the PlayStation 4 and PC.

The trailer recently went live over on the official Three Fields Entertainment YouTube channel, and starts by letting everyone know that Danger Zone is designed for every gamer out there 10 and older.

The Unreal Engine 4-powered game is actually a crash test demolition title, designed to be a spiritual successor to the crash mode in Burnout.

Danger Zone is the concoction of former designers who worked at Criterion Games and wanted to further the legacy that they'd already established with Burnout, hence they created the game Danger Zone.

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The teaser trailer for the gameplay starts with a staged highway inside a giant testing facility. We see some cars driving down some mock highways before it switches over to the player's vehicle, a four-door, modern looking town car.

The objective in the game is just like the Crash Mode in previous Burnout games, where you'll need to rack up as much damage as possible by crashing, bashing, shunting and bumping your way to a high score.

You'll unlock bonus boosters like a Smashbreaker, and attempt to cause as much damage as possible using the "Wrecks" meter on the side.

After setting up the destruction in the first 15 seconds or so, we get a quick collage of massive traffic blowouts, including the player car leaping through the air and smashing into a row of trucks, triggering an explosion in the process.

We also get to see a massive pile-up, where a traffic jam ensues, with fiberglass being bent, windshields cracking and breaking, and debris flying all over the place.

All of this carnage takes place within the span of just 30 seconds. In fact, at the 31 second mark there's a massive explosion triggered after 40 vehicles get wrecked, causing $8 million worth of damage in the testing tunnels.

Danger Zone definitely seems to show a heck of a lot of promise, especially with the physics-based crashes powered by the Unreal Engine 4, and a lot of procedural damage from the cars and trucks denting, bending, and charred chassis. The game looks exceptionally smooth, and given that it's centered around the multiplayer competitiveness featured in the Crash Mode from Burnout, I could easily see this game being the sort of title that zaps up hours in a day.

You won't have to wait long for Three Fields Entertainment's Burnout successor to launch. The title is due out May 30th for the PS4 and PC for only $12.99.

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