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When there are tens of millions of people playing your game, it seems kind of hard to filter through the noise and address some of the more pressing issues that fans may have with your title. Well, in the case of Pokemon Go, Niantic Labs showed some real class by at least acknowledging an issue some fans have had with the portable title.

A fan was asking basically if they could change Heavy Slam into Earthquake for Donphan, an elephant style Pokemon that has been around for quite some time. In Pokemon Go Donphan doesn't have one of the more traditional moves in its arsenal: Earthquake, which is its second most powerful move next to Giga Impact.

Unfortunately for the fan, Niantic Support, the official Twitter support account for Niantic's Pokemon Go, responded in the tweet above by saying that it's currently not available to change the move for Donphan, but they did acknowledge that they were aware of the interest from the community.

In Pokemon Go they kind of limit the way combat plays out due to the fact that it's on a mobile device and touchscreen controls can't take up the entirety of the screen where players can choose from all of the available options and tactical battle strategies present on devices like the Nintendo 2DS or 3DS.

Quite naturally Niantic had to limit what sort of moves players could utilize from the various roster of pocket monsters. So you'll basically have about five total attacks at your disposal. In the case of Donphan, five moves is less than a third of the total moves that the elephant-looking monster has at its disposal.

Niantic decided to go with Heavy Slam over Earthquake, and some fans were left a bit disappointed at this turn of events.

A lot of people actually praised the Twitter user for actually bringing the question forward and politely asking Niantic if it would be possible to make the change for Donphan. It's been an issue a lot of fans have been asking about, but this time Niantic responded, dashing hopes but at least making it definitive where they stand on the issue.

Pokemon Go, despite its shortcomings, has still managed to become one of the biggest mobile apps on the market. It was reported just a month ago that Pokemon Go still maintains more than 65 million actively engaged players. Even though the game is free-to-play, having 65 million active users is a crazy large number.

They've still maintained and managed growth even in the face of having deaths blamed on the game, decrees sent by towns banning it from being played, and various other kerfuffles that might have scared off most casual gamers. However, the incorrigible lure of Pokemon Go's popularity has kept it as the face of the portable gaming scene for almost a year now.

Sadly, though, if you wanted certain moves for the Pokemon swapped out for something more to your liking, it's not available right now, but maybe it'll be available at some point in the future.

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