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Owlboy takes flight

While there hasn't been an uptick in AAA game launches for the Nintendo Switch just yet, the consoles is starting to get its fair share of fantastic indie games to fill in the gaps nicely. The latest entry in that category is Owlboy, which will be making its console debut on Nintendo's new console/portable hybrid.

The folks over at Gamespot recently gave The Cat Mario Show, a Youtube series from Nintendo that focuses on everything from hardware to games, a look at the title. In the latest episode, the Japanese crew revealed that Owlboy will soon be hitting the Nintendo Switch, a pretty big get for the console's digital storefront.

Owlboy actually began development way back in 2007 and only finally made it to launch this past November. A PC exclusive launch, it never popped up on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. While arrival on those consoles isn't necessarily out of the question, it looks like Owlboy's next stop is the Switch eShop. Nintendo isn't taking a price point or release date just yet, but we imagine it's coming pretty soon.

If you've never seen the game in motion, here's a gander at its original launch trailer.

When Owlboy first launched for PC, it was basically universally loved by fans and critics alike. In the game, the player takes on the role of Otus the Owlboy. A platformer, you'll be running, jumping and flying through the game's beautifully designed levels on a quest to stop a bunch of sky pirates from destroying your home village. Along the way, you'll meet many new friends, some of which you can pick up in order to gain new abilities, like shooting baddies foolish enough to stand in front of you.

Honestly, the Switch seems like a solid fit for Owlboy, as everything about the game seems right at home on a Nintendo platform. It's bright, colorful, wholesome and full of magical moments. Since we're still waiting until this winter for Super Mario Odyssey, this might quickly become the go-to game for folks looking for a platformer until then.

A lack of big games is just about the only lingering criticism we're seeing for the Switch. We've got Zelda and Mario Kart available now, though those are both also available on Nintendo's previous console, the Wii U. Next up is Splatoon 2, with Mario Odyssey due out before the sun sets on 2017. Despite all of that, games like Owlboy keep popping up from time to time. We hope Nintendo does a good job of marketing because, outside of the fact that they absolutely deserve that kind of push on their own merit, they appear to be the console's secret weapon in this light first year of launches.

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