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Shadow Warrior 2

Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital's Shadow Warrior 2 is now out and available for the Xbox One and PS4, making its console debut for the first time this month. Well, for those of you who purchase the game on console there's an opportunity to also get the first game for free.

Gamespot is reporting that from now up until June 2nd you can purchase Shadow Warrior 2 on the PS4 or the Xbox One for a discounted price of $35 down from $40. In addition to this, buying the game from either the PlayStation Store or the Xbox Store will net you a free digital copy of Flying Wild Hog's remake of the original Shadow Warrior from back in the 1990s.

During the two weeks since the game's launch on home consoles, you'll be able to take advantage of both the discount and the free game offer. This is a pretty significant thing because for $35 you're technically getting two games, which is especially useful if you haven't played the first Shadow Warrior remake but you wanted to catch up on the story before you dive into the sequel.

According to the article, if you want the discount and both games you'll need to pick up the Shadow Warrior Collection on the PlayStation 4 or the Shadow Warrior 2 Launch Edition for the Xbox One.

The game puts players in the role of Lo Wang, a mercenary for hire who ends up having to face off against hordes of mythological demons across idyllic mountainous regions, forests, villages and even futuristic cities.

Shadow Warrior 2 takes a lot of liberties with its weapon collection, offering players 70 different weapons that span the likes of pistols, shotguns, sub-machine guns, rocket launchers and plenty of other weapons in between. In addition to projectile-based weapons, there's also a bevy of melee weapons as well, which allow players to get in close and hack and slash the demon hordes to pieces.

The game also has plenty of loot to uncover throughout each of the procedurally generated maps, so the game has a measure of replayability that would otherwise result in having the same level layouts to play through over and over again. The map layouts were specifically designed for a measure of randomness to account for Shadow Warrior 2's four-player cooperative mode, which allows players to drop in during the play session and help out during the campaign mode.

In a way, the game is a lot closer to the likes of Borderlands. So for people who like that sort of stuff, then you'll definitely take a liking toShadow Warrior 2.

Unlike Borderlands, though, you can upgrade your weapons and gear in Flying Wild Hog's FPS, giving you a lot more depth and options in how you utilize your arsenal in the game.

In addition to the game launching on home consoles, Flying Wild Hog and publisher Devolver Digital also marked down both games on PC. You can get the original Shadow Warrior remake for 90% off on Steam for only $3.99, while Shadow Warrior 2 is marked down by 40% off for only $23.99.

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