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No one is safe from the bite of Honest Game Trailers, and that includes some of the mightiest heroes in the world. The latest target for their unflinching brand of criticism is Injustice 2 and, while HGT seemed to like much of what this new fighter has to offer, they weren't too fond of elements like microtransactions.

For this latest edition of Honest Game Trailers, the team has set its sights on Injustice 2, the recently released superhero fighting game from Warner Bros. In it, former members of the Justice League, their usual crew of villains and some new faces go toe to toe with each other rather than give their full attention to the guy who plans on destroying the world, Brainiac.

Everything players loved from the first game makes a triumphant return, including a decent story, lots of explosive abilities, a super solid fighting engine and enough content to keep you coming back to play time and time again.

It's not all sunshine and rainbows, though, and Honest Game Trailers wasn't afraid to poke fun at some of Injustice 2's quirks and less appealing qualities.

One of my favorite lines from this latest HGT romp comes in the early goings, when the gravely-voiced narrator refers to the conflict at the core of Injustice 2 as an attempt to "settle who is good-guying right." This was actually one of my few complaints from the game, as I think we've had enough back and forth over whether or not super heroes should be willing to kill. It was an interesting question once, but I think we're good to go on that particular conflict. Despite that fact, HGT admits that the campaign is "leagues ahead" of anything else we've seen out of a fighting game.

The area that drew the most scorn from HGT, though, is the microtransactions in Injustice 2. They go so far as to claim this particular element, combined with the loot system, "smears shit" all over NetherRealm's best game ever. Also on the chopping block are the game's four different types of currency, individual character levels, and random drops.

Perusing the comments, some folks seem to take issue with this last bit. Sure, microtransactions aren't the most fun modern gaming gimmick in the world, but the customization aspects are one of the areas fans and critics alike seem to be universally in love with.

Either way, everyone's got an opinion, and at least HGT's opinion is easily 100 times more hilarious than most.

You'll definitely want to stick around for the full trailer, as their Injustice 2 roll call is as spot-on and delightful as ever. I won't spoil most of them here, but "Fat Groot" is definitely a favorite.

Let us know your thoughts on this latest Honest Game Trailer, as well as Injustice 2, in the comments below.

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