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Even though two of the big titles for the PlayStation Plus June line-up were leaked ahead of the official announcement, Sony rolled out the full slate of six free games that will be available for free for those subscribed to PlayStation Plus. This includes Abyss Odyssey, Life is Strange, Killing Floor 2, WRC 5, Neon Chrome and Spy Chameleon.

Over on the official PlayStation Blog, they have details on the six free games that span the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4 and PS3.

Things start with the PS3 title from ACE Team and Atlus called Abyss Odyssey. This is a hidden gem, no doubt. A side-scrolling platforming adventure game where players take on the roles of three mystical saviors who must venture deep into the abyss in order to confront the sullen one, whose nightmares become reality and begin to journey up from the abyss into the normal world.

The game sees players journeying deep into a macabre world, hacking and slashing enemies down into nothing while collecting loot and unlocking the ability to transform into them. An added bonus is that the game sports two player co-op, so players can buddy-up and journey through the dark world together. The design and memento mori aesthetic really helps set the game apart from a lot of other titles out there, but does seem to share some similarities with Psikyo's highly underrated Sol Divide.

Next on the list is Dontnod Entertainment's Life Is Strange. I was curious, when the list first leaked, if they would throw in just one episode or all five. Well, according to the PlayStation Blog post, they will include all five episodes of Life is Strange, which follows student photojournalist Max Caulfield as she attempts to navigate the maze of teenage awkwardness, friendship, love and a rather pressing matter of the world coming to an end.

The game was highly celebrated for combining the slice of life narrative with a sci-fi time-manipulation element, which allowed gamers to play the game and discover alternate routes, new pathways and different story threads to save or kill different characters.

Dontnod has mentioned that they'll be working on a new Life is Strange game. We don't know if that means a second season, an all new standalone game, or a continuation of the story centered around Max and Chloe. The free month of being able to play Life is Strange will likely help catch gamers up in case they missed out on the game when it originally released.

Next on the list is Killing Floor 2. Tripwire Interactive's Unreal Engine 4-powered first-person shooter is a horde-mode shooter where players are in arenas and must survive for a set number of rounds against incalculably dangerous monsters, zombies and experiments gone wrong. The game makes use of all new liquid physics to help bring the gore to life, and the return of the game's dismemberment feature, along with an added cache of weapons, helped elevate it above its predecessor.

The PS4 version of Killing Floor 2 obviously lacks the mod support from the PC version, but if you're starved for a really good cooperative shooter that has weight and purpose for every weapon in the game, you might enjoy Tripwire's arena-shooter sequel.

The last three games on the list includes the racing title WRC 5: World Rally Championship for the PS3, and Neon Chrome and Spy Chameleon for the PlayStation Vita. The last two games are also cross-buys, so if you have a PS4 you'll still be able to enjoy Neon Chrome and Spy Chameleon.

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