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After NetherRealm Studios revealed the initial three DLC characters that would arrive for Injustice 2 on Xbox One and PS4, gamers began speculating what the next set of characters might be for the super hero fighting game. Well, one screenshot hints at the potential future DLC characters set to arrive for the game.

A post on Reddit from user nolliebear shows a snapshot of the roster for Injustice 2, featuring eight DLC slots for additional characters. We know that three of those slots will be filled with Red Hood, Starfire from the Teen Titans, and Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat.

However, with three of those slots filled it means that there are five other mystery characters to fill out the rest. Ed Boon, the creative director on Injustice 2, previously mentioned that they still have another guest character that people won't be expecting; but one of the slots obviously looks like Raiden from Mortal Kombat. So it appears that there may be a total of three DLC packs, given that Raiden seems to be a lock for the next DLC pack. His pointed hat and cape epaulettes give away his silhouette.

Most of the Reddit community seems to agree (whether they like it or not) that Raiden will occupy one of the slots as a guest character. They also debated whether or not Rorschach would be the third guest character. They came to the conclusion that Rorschach, from The Watchmen, likely wouldn't be a guest character since he's already part of the DC Universe. Some speculate that Todd McFarlane's Spawn from the eponymous Spawn series could be the third and final guest character. It wouldn't be out of the norm, but he also doesn't fit any of the silhouettes on the roster screenshot.

So what about the others? Well, based on another silhouette it's 100% obvious that Black Manta is one of the other characters. The arch-rival for Aquaman is the only DC character with a lemon-shaped head that has tubes coming out of it. There's really no questions about Black Manta being one of the characters that will be part of one of the upcoming DLC packs.

One of the characters was consistently pegged as being Azrael, who has been popping up frequently in some Batman properties lately, especially Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham games, both as a side-quest character and as a playable character. The silhouette definitely screams Azrael in the farthermost top left hand corner. Others believe it might be Etrigan, which wouldn't be too surprising and would likely be a much better fit both character wise and story-wise with some of the other heroes and villains in Injustice 2.

The bottom leftmost silhouette has a lot of people thinking that Enchantress might make the cut. It makes tons of sense given that she's coming off momentum from being featured in the Suicide Squad movie from last year. Then again, others believe it might be Mera, who will be joining Aquaman in his solo film. It's a complete toss-up between the two, really.

The last silhouette has a lot of people stumped. There are a good number of people hoping for Constantine. Others believe it may be Mr. Freeze or the Atom, the latter of which is another underutilized character who only recently gained some momentum thanks to the CW's Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

Ultimately, the screenshot of the DLC silhouettes is little more than a sneak peek at what NetherRealm has in store, so we won't know for sure about some of these entries until the announcements are made official.

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