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During the Nintendo Treehouse stream that took place during E3, the company unveiled the very first free DLC character for the recently released ARMS. The new character may not be exactly what players were expecting, but here's what to expect from the first DLC character: Max Brass.

Nintendo followed up the news from the Treehouse stream with a series of pictures, and some light details on when the new character will be made available via the tweet above.

The name of the game is Max Brass, and he's the Grand Prix mode's main boss character. According to Game Informer, Brass starts off as a normal-sized fighter but has the ability to bulk up and grow larger in order to become a more domineering foe in the arena.

The article also notes that Brass has the ability to unleash special powers with his purple glowing fists, something that we briefly saw on display during the Treehouse stream when producer Kosuke Yabuki whipped out Max Brass and taught the other Treehouse members a lesson in humility.

Kosuke Yabuki had been kicking butt and taking names throughout the demonstration, along with taking down the ARMS champion during the E3 invitational that took place at the event.

Brass will be free starting in July next month. According to Kosuke Yabuki, all of the game's DLC content will be free post-launch as a way to keep gamers coming back for more, and eventually luring in new gamers.

Additionally, Yabuki had explained that the reason Nintendo will be spacing out the content and drip-feeding it into the game is because it wants to keep players on their toes and continue to force players to adapt and adjust their fighting tactics in ARMS as new characters become available.

Kosuke Yabuki said that just as players become comfortable with the tactics and patterns of the current roster, a new character will join in to disrupt those patterns and give players someone new to fight and something new to learn. It seems like a sound strategy to not only keep the FGC on their toes, but also keep casual players interested in checking the game out just in case a new character arrives that they really enjoy playing.

Before Max Brass arrives during July, Yabuki also confirmed that there will be a spectator mode that will be present in the next major update before June rounds out. The spectator mode will be essential for a lot of FGC fights as well as the possibility of ARMS becoming a legitimate e-sports title.

There was no time-frame on exactly how long ARMS will be supported on the Nintendo Switch, but I imagine Nintendo will want to keep releasing new content throughout the year and into 2018 as the new premium edition of the Nintendo Network preps to release.

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