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Conan O'Brien, better known in the game-o-sphere as the Clueless Gamer, recently decided to take the Nintendo Switch fighting game, ARMS, for a test spin. The results are as perfectly terrible as you might expect.

The whole schtick of Clueless Gamer is that late night television host Conan O'Brien knows very little about video games, and is frequently awful at playing them. That being the case, they like to pair him up with various celebrities and watch him (usually) fail miserably for our entertainment. It's not nearly as condescending as it might sound, and it's actually proven to be a pretty good way to show off video games to folks who otherwise wouldn't give them a second glance.

In this latest outing, the Clueless Gamer joins Will Arnett in a few rounds of ARMS, the new fighting game that launched about a week ago on the Nintendo Switch. But when I say "fighting game," you shouldn't start thinking about games like Injustice 2, Street Fighter V or Tekken 7. This is Nintendo, remember, and they've always got to put their own unique, colorful and family-friendly spin on whatever game genre they decide to tackle. Their third-person shooter includes "Squid Kids" and guns that shoot ink, for crying out loud.

To be clear, we're not against Nintendo's approach. We enjoyed ARMS a fair amount and are eagerly anticipating Splatoon 2. But since they made this fighting game, you should know not to expect insane violence or straightforward mechanics.

Instead, players take on the role of a bizarre cast of characters who have what are known as ARMS. In short, their actual arms (or even hair in one instance) have become long-reaching springs with various implements attached to them. Players use these ARMS to try and beat the stuffing out of each other in lively arenas.

Or, if you're the Clueless Gamer, you flail around like a madman much to the delight of your audience. Conan even talks up a wonderful beef with Arnett before they go toe to toe and, again, it's all basically wonderful. At one point, Conan asks how Arnett won a round, to which the actor replies "Just by being great." Conan's unnamed assistant steps in to add "he hit you more times."

What's actually educational about this video, if you can call it that, is that it shows one of the biggest strengths of ARMS; the fact that it's a great pick up and play game. Without actually knowing the controls or any of the subtleties of the gameplay, the duo have little trouble jumping into games and having fun while pummeling each other. They might not be "good" at the game, but they certainly seem to be enjoying themselves.

If you've done some clueless gaming of your own with ARMS, drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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