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Cuphead ain't coming to the PS4

There's no way around it, exclusives help make the gaming world go round. Still, it can be a real bummer when a highly-anticipated game isn't coming to your console of choice, and that's exactly what has been confirmed recently for one indie title in particular. Sorry, PlayStation 4 fans, but you're not getting Cuphead. Like, ever.

The term "exclusive" has a pretty fluid definition in the games industry. The Destiny series has "exclusive" content on the PlayStation 4, for instance, but that only lasts about a year. The new Tomb Raider games were "exclusive" to Xbox platforms until, well, they weren't. But according to StudioMDHR, the upcoming indie platformer, Cuphead, is married to the Xbox One and PC for life.

In speaking with Eurogamer, the developer recently explained that there are zero plans to ever bring the game to the PlayStation platform. And again, because of how this industry works, that doesn't mean "there are zero plans at this moment and, who knows, plans might change in a week."

According to the original story, the devs have been hearing buzz that Cuphead might eventually moonlight on the PS4. To be fair, it was listed as one of the exclusive titles featured during the E3 2017 Xbox games showcase and many of those games had the tagline "Xbox One console launch exclusive" attached to them. That's kind of like with Tomb Raider, a game that indeed launched as an Xbox console exclusive and then found its way to other platforms. Cuphead, however, was tagged as an "Xbox One console exclusive."

The latter is actually less nebulous than the former. Had Cuphead received that first tagline, we'd understand the cause for speculation that it might eventually jump consoles. But since that wasn't the case, we're not entirely sure where the rumors of an eventual PS4 launch surfaced.

But in case there is still confusion, the team at StudioMDHR said, quite simply, it's never going to happen.

Cuphead is a console exclusive for Xbox One. There will be no PS4 version.

Again, just to clarify, the game is coming out to PC and the like. But based on this statement, nobody should be holding their breath for a PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch launch...Damn, it would actually be pretty perfect on the Switch, huh?

Cuphead launches for Xbox One (and no other console, dagnabbit) on Sept. 29.

If nothing else, maybe this will help draw a bit of extra attention to the fact that the way these exclusivity deals are handled is very misleading and extremely confusing. We completely understand why these practices exist, but maybe there's a better way of handling them that doesn't make the consumer feel like they were lied to or "creatively misled." Furthermore, maybe folks will be less likely to doubt exclusivity -- as is the case with Cuphead -- when the term is being thrown around.

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