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The Destiny 2 beta is nearly upon us, which means it's high time Bungie give the tires one final kick before opening the floodgates on Sept. 6. To do that, they'll need your help in the upcoming open beta. Thankfully, we've got a new trailer to pave the way, dropping plenty of details about when this practice firefight will be going down and what players will be doing while it's live.

We're exactly two months out from the launch of Destiny 2 and, in preparation for the big day, Bungie is inviting everyone to take part in an open beta. Early access for the beta will go live July 18 for folks on PlayStation 4 and July 19 on the Xbox One. Then, come July 21, absolutely everyone will be able to download the beta and take a few of the game's modes for a test drive. The whole shebang wraps up a few days later on July 21.

Before you ask, early access to the beta will be granted to those who pre-order the game, be it a physical or digital copy. Even if you don't pre-order Destiny 2, you can play the beta starting with that second wave. Remember that the PC version of the game isn't launching until a little later this fall, but we assume Bungie will hold a beta for that platform in the coming months, too.

Once the beta concludes, you'll have about five weeks to wait before Destiny 2 finally arrives.

The above trailer does a good job of building the anticipation. We get lots of shots of Destiny 2 in action, as well as an idea of what activities will be available during the beta period. Additional details were provided over on the PlayStation Blog.

For the original Destiny, the beta included a pretty large chunk of the in-game Earth map, as well as an early look at some of the social, multiplayer and cooperative features. The Destiny 2 beta will feature similar content, though without the free-roaming map or social hubs. We figure they've got that stuff basically nailed down after three years with the original Destiny and they probably don't want to chance to spoil too many surprises by just letting folks run wild on the European Dead Zone early.

Based on what we're seeing, the beta content is pretty much identical to what we got our hands on during the Destiny 2 reveal event earlier this year, which was pretty much the same content up for grabs during E3 in June.

This includes the first mission of the single player campaign, called "Homecoming." Players will also be able to team up for the Inverted Spire Strike, which was rad as hell. You'll also get to try out a new subclass for each of the main classes, including the super cool Dawnblade for Warlocks, the Arcstrider for Hunters and the Captain America, I mean Sentinel, for Titans.

Finally, the Crucible will be open to two modes, including the new Countdown map that's similar to the "plant the bomb" mode of other shooters, and a returning favorite, Control.

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