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Volition Software and Deep Silver are readying for the release of Agents of Mayhem next month for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The companies have been releasing new retro-themed trailers for the game, heading toward its release, including the newest trailer, which dusts off a classic 80's TV show theme.

Volition posted the new new trailer over on the official Agents of Mayhem _YouTube channel, and it clocks in at just a minute and a half, sporting a throwback to the old Tom Selleck show, _Magnum P.I.

The theme of the trailer is "Magnum Sized Action", and while it centers around big explosions, lots of gunfire, and a radical set of cars, the actual content of the trailer seems to focus on the game's present skins.

We get to see some patriotic skin sets for some of the characters, as well as a whole bunch of different skins for the vehicles, including a purple Saints Row themed sports car, a golden metallic sports car, and a pink convertible that looks an awful lot like a Lamborghini.

We get to see a few agents throwing out some rather lurid taunts, and we get to see a bunch of NPCs getting blown to bits thereafter; a common theme in Agents of Mayhem.

In one kooky scene there's a ninja lady who comes in, cuts down a bunch of the baddies and turns them all into fluffy bunny dolls. I have no idea what that's all about, but it seems like something out of Naruto: Shippuden.

One of the characters in Agents of Mayhem named Red Card, displays a unique special ability where he puts an enemy in a bubble and then soccer kicks them into the distance. Another character, reminiscent of Oleg from Saints Row: The Third, leaps down from the top of a building, bald and wearing purple pants, crashes down in the center of enemies and smashes the ground. The significance of this clip is that he's obviously imitating Marvel's Incredible Hulk.

We see one of the other characters hop out of a car and punch it, flinging it all the way down the street, and we also get a quick clip of one of the other premiere skins for the pre-order bonus of Johnny Gat. It features Gat in a getup mimicking Tom Selleck's outfit from Magnum P.I.

We haven't actually seen a whole lot of the actual gameplay in terms of who you're fighting, and what they're capable of, or the basic gameplay loops, but imagine one of the trailers leading up towards release will tackle that ahead of the August release date.

The open-world third-person shooter is hoping to set itself apart by combining the hero elements from games like Overwatch and the destruction from Crackdown, but with the open-world design of Saints Row and GTA. We'll get to see if all the retro-themed antics and the spin-off elements from the Saints Row franchise will work in Agents of Mayhem's favor.

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