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You can't make a game called ARMS, starring people with long, springy appendages, and expect the team at Honest Game Trailers to just ignore it. They've given it the full treatment, in fact, and now you can watch it yourself.

With Splatoon 2 launching this week, lots of folks gaming on the Nintendo Switch will be shifting their attention to the lovable squid kids and their family-friendly, ink-fueled war of brightly-colored combat. But before everyone moves on to the next big Switch game, the folks at Honest Game Trailers wanted to get one final jab in at the exiting king, ARMS.

ARMS is Nintendo's take on the fighting genre and games like Street Fighter, similar to how Splatoon 2 is their less violent offering from the camp Call of Duty built. Nintendo always offers a more vivid, lively experience with their games, and ARMS is no exception. Instead of your standard punches, kicks and flaming special moves, ARMS boasts a cast of characters with springy arms, hair and the like. While you can certainly play with the controller, the preferred method of fisticuffs is to use the Switch's Joy-Con controllers, swinging your own arms around to pummel your opponents.

After reminding us all that Shrek SuperSlam is a game that exists, the Honest Game Trailer goes on to pick ARMS apart from top to bottom with terms like "fist your way to the top of the tournament." Sure, there are about 500 arm-related puns in the trailer, but that was the only one to make me groan out loud.

In a surprise twist, the video brings up something that I'd actually love to see in ARMS, namely Punch-Out DLC. I'm not saying we need the entire roster in there, but a mascot character from that NES classic would certainly be a fine addition to the ARMS roster.

About halfway through the trailer, the HGT folks bring up one of my few complaints with ARMS. While I'm trying to utilize the game's surprisingly deep mechanics to orchestrate some strategic battles, the vast majority of my opponents just "throw hands like a maniac."

While making jokes, the trailer does a good job of actually critiquing some of ARMS' less awesome characteristics, like the inability to customize controls when you don't want to play with the Joy-Cons and a general lack of substantial content. They even point out that players should pray Nintendo supports it like they did the original Splatoon, a game whose sequel is likely to steal away a nice chunk of the online crowd.

So just like with most of the Honest Game Trailers, this one is definitely worth a watch whether or not you have an interest in the actual game it is mocking. Give it a gander and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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