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Insanity unfolds in Just Cause 3

With August just around the corner, Sony has pulled back the curtain on upcoming PlayStation Plus offerings and gamers on the PlayStation 4 should be especially happy with what's on the menu. The August Plus update includes both Just Cause 3 and Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry.

That's two games from two major franchises, both of which are loaded with action-packed shenanigans. The PlayStation team rolled out the Plus lineup recently over on the official blog, and the feedback has been understandably positive.

As always, the August Plus offerings include two games per Sony console, as well as a couple other bells and whistles for good measure. As a reminder, these games will go live next Tuesday, Aug. 1, so you might want to grab the July games with a quickness if you haven't already.

PlayStation Plus August Games:

Just Cause 3 (PS4)

Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry (PS4)

Super Motherload (PS3)

Snakeball (PS3)

Downwell (Vita, PS4)

Level 22 (Vita)

There are some good offerings here, especially if you're gaming on the PlayStation 4. Just Cause 3 is a critical and fan darling from a couple of years ago, giving players a massive island to explore and an evil cartel to overthrow in the most explosive ways imaginable. A spin-off of Assassin's Creed: Black Flag, Freedom Cry brings back all of your favorite mechanics and plugs them into a new, more personal story. And if that's not enough, then you can also grab the beloved vertically-scrolling roguelike, Downwell, thanks to cross buy with the Vita.

Speaking of the Vita, Sony's portable console is also getting Level 22 in August, a stealth game about an average Joe trying to survive a grueling day at work.

That just leaves the PlayStation 3, boasting both Snakeball and Super Motherload in its August Plus roster. Snakeball is one of those gems most folks seemed to overlook when it first launched, basically taking the game of Snake and making it a multiplayer competition. It's actually a lot of fun and boasts great graphics and a thumping soundtrack. Super Motherload is another multiplayer-friendly offering where you're tasked with digging into the surface of Mars on a quest for resources and survival.

Finally, Sony is offering a new twist for subscribers this month called Plus Summer Movies. For the next six weeks, you can rent a movie for a single dollar. Those include, in this order, The Lego Batman Movie, Logan, Power Rangers, Kong: Skull Island, Boss Baby and Ghost in the Shell. Those are some super recent releases, too, so we'd be interested in hearing how many folks actually take advantage of the cheap rentals. Again, Batman is up for grabs now, with a new movie rental rotating in each Tuesday.

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