Pokemon Go Fest

Niantic Labs' Pokemon Go's first ever festival took place in Chicago, and it was way bigger than anyone could have ever imagined. The massive size of the event and some major hiccups in Niantic delivering what was promised didn't leave some people satisfied, though, and now they're suing.

Polygon is reporting that the discontent that some players had with Niantic not fulfilling their promises for the event has resulted in them seeking money for damages. Nearly two dozen attendees at the Pokemon Go Fest have filed a suit against Niantic, where they want reimbursement for expenses paid for attending the event even though a lot of people were unable to connect or play the game due to the overwhelming amount of people who attempted to log on and play during that time.

Polygon is reporting that Chicago-based attorney Thomas Zimmerman has had anywhere between 20 and 30 individuals willing to join the class-action suit against Niantic.

The suit claims that Niantic promised a special Pokemon for attending the Pokemon Go event, but some of the people who showed up and waited hours to get in were unable to log into the game, thus preventing them from being able to catch the rare Pokemon, even after traveling as far as from California.

Niantic responded by offering all of the attendees refunds, $100 worth of cash shop currency and the free legendary Pokemon as compensation for their efforts. However, Zimmerman claims that for his clients that's not enough.

Some are stating that the travel expenses far outweighed $100 and a free legendary Pokemon, and so they want Niantic to cover all of their travel expenses as well. According to Zimmerman, one of the people flew all the way from Japan to participate in the event.

The article also notes that Niantic Labs attempted to extend the event to give gamers a bit more time to catch the rare Pokemon. Other special events in Pokemon Go were also taking place at select locations around the world, but Chicago was the main hub where players would travel to get their hands on a super rare Pokemon.

The comment section on the article isn't very kind to the claimants. A lot of people say that Niantic has gone above and beyond and has actually done more than what was required of them by not only refunding the tickets for those who paid to attend the Chicago event, but also giving out the free legendary Pokemon that was promised, and also adding in the extra $100 in-game credit. In a way, for the trouble of traveling to the event, everyone got more than what was originally promised.

Even still, Zimmerman claims that the claimants want their travels paid for as well. I don't know how well that's going to work out for everyone, especially when legal costs are accounted for. It seems like people might end up spending more than what it's worth just to get Niantic to compensate them for travel, unless of course the travel costs were like $10,000.

Niantic didn't offer any comment to Polygon, saying that it doesn't comment on ongoing legal matters.

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