Destiny 2 PC Beta

PC gamers have been clamoring for more details and news about the upcoming release of Destiny 2. What will be the system requirements? Will there be a beta? How will it perform? Well, Bungie finally stepped out from the shadows with some fresh new details for Destiny 2, including the beta dates.

Starting August 28th, those who pre-ordered will be able to access the Destiny 2 beta, according to Bungie's weekly report. Starting August 29th, all PC gamers will be able to access the Destiny 2 open beta. You'll only have a few days to get in on the goods because the beta test ends on August 31st.

Xbox One and PS4 owners got to play Destiny 2's beta a lot earlier than PC gamers, having an opportunity to blast through enemies and the new Strike missions during the latter half of July. Feedback, videos and impressions have already filled up YouTube and the regular gaming outlets.

However, if you plan on playing the beta on PC you will need to ensure that your rig is up to snuff. Bungie was nice enough to roll out the recommended and minimum requirements for Destiny 2. Since the original Destiny didn't release on PC back in 2014, it's impossible to know if the specs are fair or not for what the game has to offer, but the recommend specs see an Intel i5-2400 or AMD Ryzen R5 1600X as the necessary CPU to run the game on the higher settings. A GPU such as the GTX 970 or the AMD Radeon R9 390 will be required for turning up some of the higher effects or resolution settings. You'll also need 8GB of RAM.

Now, keep in mind that the above specs are for the recommended requirements. If you decide to go for the lower-end settings you'll be able to get by with an Intel i3-3250 or an AMD FX-4350, which are fairly cheap and found in most desktops or laptops for like $200 or $300. An old GTX 660 with 2GB of VRAM or a Radeon HD 7850 with 2GB of RAM will suffice on the GPU front. You'll also need at least 6GB of RAM, which is probably the most taxing thing from the minimum system requirements.

That's not to say that you won't be able to play Destiny 2 if you don't meet the minimum specs, but you'll probably have a far more enjoyable time if you did.

Bungie was also kind enough to include an upgrade guide for those looking to possibly pump a few bucks into their rig to upgrade their PC prior to Destiny 2 releasing in October. The guide suggests upgrading to an i5-7400 if you have the cash to spare, or an Nvidia GTX 1060 with 6GB of VRAM, which would run you about $200.

However, you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to run Destiny 2 on your PC. If your CPU is really that outdated, you can get a Gigabyte GTX 750Ti for about $114. It's a really good, cheap card. An actual GTX 660, which is for the minimum specs, will run you about $80 or $90 if you shop around.

Most PCs made within the last five years should be able to handle the game on the minimum specs, though.

Bungie won't end there, though. The developers have plans on pumping out more guides and workshops for PC users to either upgrade their PC, tweak their settings, or get the most out of the hardware for the game, assuming your PC isn't entirely up to the task.

Most computers these days don't require too much troubleshooting for gaming. Also, you usually don't have to troubleshoot when playing games on Steam, since Steam automatically does all of the optimizations, tweaks, and configurations for you once you download the game. However, Destiny 2 won't be on Steam and will instead be delivered through the launcher, so all bets are off when it comes to optimization and performance.

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