The cast of Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go news continues to be rough for fans of the popular mobile game, as Niantic has announced that upcoming European live events have been postponed. Obviously, the recent debacle in Chicago played into this decision, and we're guessing the subsequent lawsuits aren't helping matters, either.

Over on the Pokemon Go blog, Niantic has announced the postponement of several upcoming European events, including the August 5 Safari Zone scheduled for Copenhagen and Prague, as well as the Aug. 12 Safari event scheduled for Stockholm and Amsterdam. The stated reason for this schedule shifting is a desire to "ensure a great experience" for all of the European trainers, something they were unable to achieve at the recent Pokemon Go Fest here in the States.

Apparently, Niantic is less worried about logistics and infrastructure in other regions, as they've announced no other live events for Pokemon Go are being delayed, including the Yokohama, Japan event scheduled for Aug. 14, just two days after the postponed Stockholm/Amsterdam event. Perhaps cellular networks are more reliable in Japan?

Also not seeing a delay is the September 16 Safari events scheduled in France, Spain and Germany. That's a good month after the Japan event, though, so maybe Niantic is hoping to have everything figured out by then.

In case you missed last week's news, the first Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago went off with more than a few hitches. While we saw a lot of folks online saying they still managed to have fun, it sounds like everything that could go wrong did exactly that. It took forever to even get into the event and, once inside, folks discovered that they were unable to connect to the game for more than a few minutes at a time, if at all. Sure, there was live music and special activities going on throughout the day, but a Pokemon event missing its main attraction sounds like a bust in our book.

Niantic promised everyone they'd get their money back for tickets and even stated those in attendance would receive $100 worth of in-game currency, as well as other measures to make amends. But still, if you flew from out of country, or even out of state, and ponied up for a motel room, that isn't exactly covering expenses. This has led to some folks suing Niantic over the whole mess, so we'll just have to see where that road takes us.

Despite all of that, the game itself is moving forward. Legendary Pokemon are now available in Pokemon Go and Niantic has even more updates planned. It's a bummer they couldn't pull off their first big live event, which is why we figure postponing some upcoming shindigs was probably best for everyone involved. Better safe than sorry at this point.

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