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Lego Worlds for Nintendo Switch

Folks looking for something new to play on the Nintendo Switch who also have a love of blocky adventures finally have a release date to mark on their calendar for Lego Worlds. The build-it-yourself adventure game will be ready for action come Sept. 5.

That's right, there's only about a month of waiting left to do if you were anticipating Lego Worlds on the Nintendo Switch. According to a recent tweet from the game's official account, Lego Worlds can be yours for $39.99 at the start of September.

If you've been following the game and recent news involving some Switch launches, that means Lego Worlds is indeed launching at a price point that is $10 higher than on other consoles. Thankfully, they're at least taking a bit of the sting out of that random uptick by stating in the tweet that the price includes the core game, as well as two DLC packs. There is no word on which DLC packs those are or how much they would cost separately, but at least you're actually getting something for forking over more funds than if you were to buy the game on the PC, PlayStation 4, etc. True, it would make more sense to stick to the same price and just give folks the option of further supporting the game by purchasing DLC, but whatever.

Coming from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Lego Worlds is a decidedly more family-friendly game than the other offerings the publisher has launching this year, such as Injustice 2 and Middle-earth: Shadow of War. But they're also responsible for games like Lego Dimensions, so they certainly know how to keep things G-Rated and still fun.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Lego Worlds is basically an answer to Minecraft, only with a much bigger focus on pre-designed content and guided quests. Sure, you can just jump into a world and start building/destroying to your heart's content, but Lego Worlds also plugs in NPCs that will give you objectives to complete. While you work on those missions, you'll earn the blueprints to all sorts of structures, devices and vehicles, which you can build on the fly in the game. So on top of all of the usual "build whatever you want" fare, you'll also get to fire weapons, ride around on the back of a dragon or steer a spaceship, truck, submarine, etc. There are a lot of Lego items to discover and build in the game.

We think the Switch is going to be a great fit for Lego Worlds. There's just something magical about the ability to play a console game on the TV and then take it on the road with you, and we can see folks showing off their latest creations while visiting friends, waiting in line at the movies, etc.

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