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Pokemon Go Safari Zone Event

Following the rather disastrous event in Chicago, Illinois this July, Niantic Labs is taking it easy when it comes to hosting Pokemon Go events. In fact, more of the events have been postponed in the immediate future while Niantic works out some logistics for the mobile multiplayer Pokemon game.

The news comes courtesy of the official Pokemon Go website, where Niantic let loose an update about the upcoming events scheduled to take place for the game. Events that were originally going to go live on August 5th in Copenhagen and Prague have been postponed, as well as events that were originally going to take place on August 12th in Stockholm and Amsterdam. Yes, these particular delays, in case you haven't noticed, are all centered on the European region.

This was originally going to be a follow-up on the event that took place in Chicago during the latter half of July, but for those of you out of the loop, the event sort of metaphorically crashed and burned. Niantic received way more traffic than what it was expecting, and the servers were overcrowded and over taxed, preventing people from properly taking part in the public Pokemon Go event.

Some people actually flew from all over the world to participate in the Chicago event in person. When things didn't go over so well, a couple dozen people even decided to sue Niantic for not delivering on what was promised. The company responded by offering up everyone who participated in the event a free legendary Pokemon, and $100 in cash shop credits. The people suing Niantic felt as if that wasn't enough, and that Niantic also needed to pay for travel costs as well.

Niantic doesn't give an explicit reason in this case as to why exactly the Pokemon Go events in Europe have been postponed all the way into the fall. However, the site notes that the scheduled event set to take place on August 14th in Yokohama, Japan will not be postponed.

It's not all bad news for European gamers, though. All of the events from September 16th onward will not be affected, this includes the Pokemon Go events set to take place in France, Spain, and Germany, will all move forward as planned.

These particular events are known as the Safari Zones, and they are international events taking place across the Unibail-Rodamco shopping centers across Europe. The events were basically going to be the equivalent of what happened in Chicago, just set for an international audience.

Perhaps Niantic realized that it needed to scale up the servers to accommodate the gamers coming from all over the world to participate in the event. This certainly wouldn't be the first time that the developers underestimated the appeal of Pokemon Go and didn't quite prep properly for the flood of gamers trying to get in on the servers to have a good, fun time.

At least the good news is that the events aren't outright canceled and that Niantic has simply pushed them back further into the fall. The next Safari Zone event won't take place until August 14th in Japan.

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